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message 1: by Margo (new)

Margo (maothrockmorton) | 1 comments Mod
Welcome to the group! Tess will be answering questions on Sunday, September 23, 2012. In the meantime if you have a question for Tess or just want to introduce yourself feel free to do so in this thread.

message 2: by Shomeret (last edited Sep 07, 2012 09:28PM) (new)

Shomeret | 4 comments Hello, The Silent Girlis the first time you introduced Asian characters. I'm delighted that you felt free to do that and really appreciate it. Why do you feel that now is the time to bring your heritage into your work?

message 3: by Nora (new)

Nora Leduc | 1 comments Tess, I love the characters in your books. Which one is the most like you?

Keep writing!
Thank you,
Nora LeDuc

message 4: by Linda (new)

Linda (westerntarheel1948) | 2 comments I have just recently started reading your books, Tess, and have loved everyone I have read so far. Keep them coming!

message 5: by Lucie (new)

Lucie Bluebird (luciebluebird) | 1 comments I love your stories. I'm very good at "solving" crime novels before the end, but you manage to fool me. It's awesome.

Both Rizzoli & Isles seem to be atheists. Isles more overtly so than Rizzoli. This has made me wonder about your own beliefs. Were you raised with any particular belief system and, if so, do you still adhere to it today?

message 6: by Kerry (new)

Kerry | 1 comments Such great books! Maura Isles in an unbelievable character. Was completely fooled with this last one! Looking forward to the next one already!

message 7: by Darcie (new)

Darcie Morin | 2 comments Hi Tess, it's Darcie. I doubt you remember me but I just wanted to say hi and I was thrilled with Last to Die.
Out of curiosity, any chance we will get a more Maura centric novel like Ice Cold was? You know I love Maura! :)

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (lovelybutterfly79) | 1 comments I am beyond excited to be part of this group! I simply can not get enough of your books! As soon as I get one, I read it in two days flat! I hope more are in the near future! My question to you is this: How long does it take you to come up with the plot of a book? Does it come all at once, or does it come in pieces as you are writing? Thank your for your time!

Amanda Barnes

message 9: by Indu (new)

Indu | 1 comments Love your books, as do my teenage girls! I was wondering what you think about the TV series "Rizzoli and Isles.". How involved are you with the production? Who were your first choices to play Jane and Maura?

message 10: by Ladonna (new)

Ladonna | 1 comments I am a big fan and have enjoyed the "Rizzoli and Isles" books since I read the first one as a book club selection. Where do you get the ideas for each of the books?

message 11: by Emily (new)

Emily Zarr | 1 comments I love your books! What is you all time favorite reads? Like the top3?

message 12: by Victorya (last edited Sep 21, 2012 10:11PM) (new)

Victorya | 2 comments It is sad to say, but I JUST started reading these books. WHAT is wrong with me! They are great. I can tell how late I am by the mention of Britney Spears in one of the books I just read.

My question, is what are your thoughts on the brilliance vs. the public's perceived stupidity of a criminal mind? They are very suggestive in all of your books, but I would really like your in depth interpretation if you would not mind.

message 13: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Erlank | 1 comments Hi Tess just want to say how much i enjoy your books. Do you have a list available "in order" so we can read the books in order?

message 14: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 1 comments Hi Tess,
I just want to tell you how much i love your books. My mom got me starte on them and she handed me "The Sinner" and i was hooked. Is there real life events that help you write your books? take care tess and thank you for all your books.

message 15: by Shomeret (new)

Shomeret | 4 comments Cathy wrote: "Hi Tess just want to say how much i enjoy your books. Do you have a list available "in order" so we can read the books in order?"

There are several very good resources online for finding a series in order. One of them is Stop You're Killing Me which is specifically for mysteries. The Rizzoli & Isles series page on that site is at

message 16: by Sara (new)

Sara | 1 comments I am on book #2 in the Rizzoli & Isles series and I am hooked. I can't seem to read them fast enough.

Where did you get your inspiration for the Rizzoli & Isles series?
What made you decide to retire from being a physician and begin a career as a writer?

message 17: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Funk | 1 comments Tess, love your books. Were there any special inspirations for the characters of Maura and Jane? Did you have any input on the casting of the series? I love the show - DVD it if I can't watch. Best to you!

message 18: by Susan Jo (new)

Susan Jo Grassi (SusanJo) I love your books. My sister turned me on to them. She just finished your latest, Last To Die, and raved about it. I am looking forward to getting it myself.

Do you make an outline to begin with or do you just get an idea and start writing?
Do you continue to study new proceedures in medicine to keep your stories fresh and up-to-date?

Thank you for all the reading pleasure you have given us.

message 19: by Tina (new)

Tina | 1 comments Tess, love your books, I actually just finished Last to Die and I thought the twist in events was really great. What really stood out to me in this book is the situation of Rizzoli's mom. I actually skipped ahead trying to see if I could find the solution but I didn't. This particular situation matches exactly like a situation of a very close friend of mine, who happens to be of chinese decent. Will you reveal what the mom should do in the next book? How did this idea of their family situation come up? Did you have experience with it? What was your inspiration for such a story?

message 20: by Rikke (new)

Rikke | 1 comments Thanks for the amazing journey you have taken us through through your books.
I have two questions:
1. What made you change writing genres?
2. How did you come up with Jane and Maura?
Thank you
Rikke, from Denmark :)

message 21: by Shirli (new)

Shirli (shirliforrestlove) | 1 comments Hi Tess I'd like to thank you for your fascinating stories, I wanted to ask if in some point there will be more focus on one of my favorite characters Jane Rizzoli and her family?
shirli from israel

message 22: by Sandra "Jeanz" (new)

Sandra "Jeanz" Do you base your characters on people you know in real life?

If you had to be one of your characters which one would you choose to be and why?

Thankyou for doing this great Q&A we book lovers really enjoy talking to our favourite authors a huge amount, it really does mean a lot to us! :)

message 23: by Carol (new)

Carol Peace | 1 comments I am a big fan of yours and have read lots of the other book and I just wondered how you thought up the partnership of Jane and Maura, why particularly a cop and a coroner.

message 24: by Mark (new)

Mark Birchall (goodreadscomgabbi) | 1 comments i have only recently started reading the rizzoli and isles series ,and am already hooked, after watching the tv series. how much input were you allowed in the tv adaptation and are you happy with the result?

message 25: by Sue (new)

Sue | 7 comments Hi Tess,

I really liked 'The Surgeon' but for me as a woman it was one of the most scariest novel I have read. What was your inspiration behind the book e.g. Jack the Ripper?

message 26: by Sue (new)

Sue | 7 comments I also liked 'Body Double' it was some time ago since I read it but I loved the 2 stories which merged, the , twist at the end and the which came first the chicken or the egg with the a couple stealing other peoples children. What was the inspiration behind this novel?

message 27: by Sue (new)

Sue | 7 comments I really liked 'Vanish' it was brilliantly written, I take it the female/slave/prostitute trade was the inspiration behind this novel?

message 28: by Sue (new)

Sue | 7 comments I am not so keen so far on the Maura/Jane TV series out of interest what is your involvement in the series e.g. do you write, advise etc.

message 29: by Virginie (new)

Virginie | 1 comments Hello Tess !
I just love your books and am always on the lookout for the next one !
I really enjoyed the last in the Rizzoli and Isles series and would like to know what inspired you as far as the setting is concerned?
Evensong was a great choice, very atmospheric and creepy, I loved that gothic setting .Where did you get the idea?
Many thanks and please keep us reading your books :-D

Virginie from France

message 30: by Sue (new)

Sue | 7 comments Hi Tess,

Many authors e.g. Heather Graham, Beverley Barton, Karen Rose etc, like yourself start of writing for Mills and Boon, Harlequinn etc and then go on to write crime/thrillers I wonder how this comes about?

Is it easier to get into writing romance novels and then progress to write in your true genre?

Did you get tired with formulaic romance novels and decide to write in a different genre?

If crime/thriller was your prefered writing style was it difficult to get noticed until you had written romance novels?

message 31: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Campbell (alittlefate) | 1 comments Hi Tess!

I am an absolute fan of your books & work! I am the proud owner of all of your novels, which take pride of place on the mystery/crime bookcase in my library room at home. The Apprentice & The Surgeon are my 2 absolute favourites - the amount of tension, horror & hopefulness kept me constantly on edge, I loved it!!

I live in New Zealand (go the All Blacks!) so we have only just received the Rizzoli & Isles series here on tv - I am interested to know if Rizzoli's husband will be featured at any stage in the tv storyline(other than the first episodes featuring the Surgeon)?

Thanks for sharing your amazing gift of story telling with the world! May it continue for years to come!

Regards, Rachel from New Zealand

P.S I now have my grandmother, mother & sister-law hooked on your stories & coverted to true Gerritsen fans!

message 32: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 1 comments Hi Tess, It was a thrill meeting you 6 yrs ago at "Murder and Mayhem in Muskego" (WI) an event hosted by our library-I have been hooked on your books ever since. My favorite thus far is still The Sinner and a close 2nd is The Keepsake. Thanks for the fascinating reads <3

message 33: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 1 comments Heii!
My friend told me about "the surgeon" on a ferry-ride from greece to venice where we incidentally met. She hadn't finished it herself. I just wanted to read the first few pages but couldn't stop so i had to hurry up to read it to the end before we arrived in venice to give it back to her.
I have been a huge fan ever since..

Thank you,
Elisa from Austria

message 34: by Katherine (last edited Sep 22, 2012 05:19AM) (new)

Katherine (sandrakay) | 1 comments Hi Tess,

The Mephisto Club and The Keepsake are two of my favorites. The way you write about evil and the physical and metaphysical world had me captivated. I hope you will continue stories including this secretive group (The Mephisto Club). I also love your books because Jane and Maura are characters that I want to spend more time with.

message 35: by Sally (new)

Sally | 1 comments The Apprentice ended up in my pile of library books quite accidentally, but once I'd finished the books I selected, I figured I might as well read The Apprentice too. I was hooked by the time I was 40 pages in. I thought I'd read all you've written, but have now discovered there are several I've missed. Gotta get on those! It sure beats running out of books before you write a new one, although that will happen soon enough.
Some books are a little more creepy than I prefer, but the stories are so good and the characters so strong, that I get through. And, while I enjoy the tv show based on Rizzoli and Isles, it is pretty fluffy compared to what you write. No questions, just many thanks for your writing and best wishes for your continuing career.

message 36: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Garloch | 1 comments Hi! I am an avid fan of your books! I love that you put Rat in this book. I would love for you to come to NH for a meet and greet! Will Maura develop a relationship with Anthony?

message 37: by Krystal (new)

Krystal (Carebeark5) | 1 comments What advice would you give to budding authors?

message 38: by Janet (new)

Janet | 1 comments I just wanted to say hi and say that you are an amazing author! I can honestly say this is my favorite series of all time! I like the show on tv, but consider it separate from the books since it really is different. Do you have any input into the show? Also will you be doing any more books outside of this series, I have read all of your other books in this genre and think they are great as well!

message 39: by Lucy (new)

Lucy | 1 comments Hello
I enjoy all your books. One of the things that makes them so enjoyable for me is that my husband reads them too. We usually have very different taste in books but we have your books in common. That makes for interesting "pillow talk" when we are reading in bed, each with our own copy.
Thanks for that.

message 40: by Debra (new)

Debra Goldstein (DebraHGoldstein) | 1 comments Tess:
I had read some of your first works and then found your later "R&I" series. I see a definite stylistic difference - description, word choice, and even some of the tone/voice aspects. Could you comment on the differences you feel exist between your earlier or non- "R&I" books, what prompted the change (if you feel there truly is one), and your future intent for both non and "R&I" books? Thank you.

message 41: by Tonia (new)

Tonia Mason (tonia_rae) | 1 comments Thank you for reading this and Thank You for all your hard work. You are fantastic! (Understatement of the century!) I believe my question is; What is your motivation to write? My main problem is fear of failure and have not been able to complete much of anything except poems (that no one will ever see.) That's my question...if you ever felt that, how did you get past that? Thank you for your time!!

message 42: by Emma (new)

Emma | 1 comments I think someone already asked a similar question but I wanted to know if it was weird having a tv series made of the books. Of course they don't keep to the story line of the series, do you like that they have done something different with it or would you rather they'd kept to your story line? Is there anything you would change about the Tv series if you could?

message 43: by Kali (new)

Kali (LitChaos) | 3 comments Hi Tess.:)

I started reading Rizzoli and Isles after seeing an ad spot for the TV show. After finishing them (within about a month!) I began ravenously reading through your other work.

My favourite book of yours is probably Gravity. I love the blend of crime and sci-fi, and the dash of romance. Do you have any intention of returning to sci-fi?

message 44: by S_pumpkin (new)

S_pumpkin | 1 comments Hi!
First of all I wanna say thank you for all your books from Russia and Ukraine. Reading them is a fascinating journey which me and my friend really enjoyed last summer. We decided to watch TV-show after that. It's looks very interesting for us what do you think about changes in Moira and Jane relationships. It seems that R&I are closer to each other and share more funny and nice moments. Also they are described like BFF. Was it your idea to make these changes and how do you like this character development?
Thank you! Looking forward for the next books!

message 45: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments Dear Ms. Gerritsen--

I just joined the group, and see the most recent post of Kali -- I wanted to ask you a similar question. I love your Jack McCallum books too, and loved Gravity. Any chance there might be another Jack McCallum book in the future?

I also wanted to ask you about the Rizolli & Isles tv series. Of course, it's hard not to notice that the tv series adds a considerable amount of story line to the women's sex/love interests. I expect that your contract related to making the series would prohibit you from speaking ill of this difference. But I wonder -- any chance the tv series might become a bit more cerebral, with less fluff? After all, the Maura Isles of your books is not flip about commenting on men's bodies, and her relationships are far more complicated than those presented on the tv series.

Thank you --

message 46: by Lori (new)

Lori (albertagrrrl) | 1 comments Hi Tess!

I've been a HUGE fan since I stumbled across Gravity back in University. You create great mysteries and you have such solid characters. I was hooked from the very first page I read. Thank you for them. It's a pleasure to read your words.


message 47: by Sandi (new)

Sandi (Sandikal) A lot of successful authors are branching out into YA fiction. Is Last to Die setting up for a YA series about the kids at the Evensong School?

message 48: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (kattraxx) | 1 comments Hi Tess,

Years ago, I heard Art Bell (don't we miss him!) rave about Gravity on his radio program, so I went out and bought it. I've read all of your books since.

My question is: Who are the authors you read?


message 49: by Jill (new)

Jill James (Jill_James) | 1 comments Tess, I love all your books. Gravity is my favorite. You and Robin Cook are the only ones I insist on getting in hardcover. Can't wait to read Last To Die.

Are you enjoying watching Rizzoli & Isles? I love it.

message 50: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (Bishops1) | 3 comments Cathy wrote: "Hi Tess just want to say how much i enjoy your books. Do you have a list available "in order" so we can read the books in order?"

Hi Jill: I just happened to have this handy. : ' )

The Surgeon (#1 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2001)
The Apprentice (#2 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2002)
The Sinner (#3 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2003)
Body Double (#4 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2004)
Vanish (#5 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2005)
The Mephisto Club (#6 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2006)
The Keepsake (#7 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2008) aka: Keeping the Dead
Ice Cold (#8 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2010) aka: The Killing Place
The Silent Girl (#9 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2011)
Last to Die (#10 - Rizzoli & Isles Series - 2012)

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