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Age: (12-18)
History & Family:

Limit one charrie! Your charrie must be approved before you may RP!

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Margie   (Horselover103) Name: Auburn Clasp
age: 14
gender: girl
district: 11
Apperence: medium height, skinny, short brown curly hair, carmeal skin, frekles.
personallity: Bubbly shy loud when you get to know her.
history & family: does not know her family grew up in an orphanage type thing
Stregnths: fast agile
Weakness: not that strong not that good with weapons
other: grew up with bullys so knows how to survive

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You require first and last names for Auburn. Other than that, she's fine.

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There has been a rule change for the HG roleplay. Only one charrie per person for now. If you have two charries, please delete one but save the info. Later, you may be able to have two.

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Auburn and Wyn accepted

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Name: Twilight Russel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
District: 1
Personality: Twilight is one of the training academy's pets, so to say. She has always been well trained, and thinks of herself as above pretty much everyone, except her superiors. She's a bit stuck up and cocky, but you can't really blame her for that. Truthfully, somewhere in her heart Twilight knows that this is all wrong. But she has pushed those feelings aside and hid them with layers of determination and pride. Don't try and flirt with her. She'll kill you.
History & Family: Twilight trained ever since she was five years old. She never knew her parents, since they died in the rebellion/war. Twilight grew up in an orphanage, and then ran away. She went to the academy, where they took her in, trained her, and taught her everything she should know.
Strengths: Everything, except her weaknesses.
Weaknesses: She's a bit claustrophobic, but it's not very serious. Fire and heat scare her more than ever, since she's afraid of getting burns.
Other: Twilight was named for her violet colored eyes. (view spoiler)

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Strommagetton  The Dark Lord Of All | 22 comments Name: Niall william Payne
Aperance: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&am...
Personality: he's very dramatic he thinks he's the best person on earth. Can be extremely cocky at times he curses a lot. He flirts with every girl in sight but be careful he may and try to kill you. And he's in shape he can kill some one with his fist.
History and family:
-younger brother, Harry Liam payne (17)
-older brother Zayn louis payne,(19)
-older sister, Danielle Eleanor payne, (24)
-mother Kristen Payne,(47)
-father, Kris Payne (50)
Niall is the second youngest out of four children. He has a very fast metabolism so he eat constantly. There is nothing really different about the Payne family.
Strengths: he's very stong, very secret will rather work on survival, good at climbing anything.
Weakness: HE NEED TO EAT CONSTANTLY, not that good at making friends, not one of the careers, talks to him self a lot, he comes from a big family not use to being alone.
Other: has a girlfriend her name is Perrie Calder
((not all is about Niall horan 1D))

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Strommagetton  The Dark Lord Of All | 22 comments Yayy

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Grace Bosley Sydney wrote: "Name: Niall william Payne
Aperance: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&am......"

Really, Niall William Payne, Really Sydney

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Name: Ryder Way
Age: 16
Gender: male
District: 2
((Fell in love with this pic. Oh Gerard.))
Personality: Rebellious and unwilling participant. Sure, Ryder may be a career, but he doesn't want to be here. He's usually moody, but can be charming if he wishes. Ryder is deadly but falls fast and hard in love with people and things.
History & Family: See the personality and other descriptions for history. He has a family, but they were never close.
Strengths: Fast and agile. Very handy with knives.
Weaknesses: Headstrong and passionate. Acts on impulse. Small for a career.
Other: As a more privileged district citizen, he can afford to be more, how shall I put it, deep. He looks past just survival and wants to thrive. It frustrates him being limited to D2. He cuts himself in that rebellious frustration.

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That's alright.

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((Accept my paranormal too? ;))

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Grace Bosley OK here go's:

Name: Lianna Lovegood


Age: 14

Appearance: http://horoscopes.lovetoknow.com/imag...

Personality: Lianna has her own style, she never follows the crowd, from music to clothes. She also is very passionate in a argument and won't give up until she wins. She's very funny and loves to laugh and smile. She loves attention and is great at acting and singing. Shes friendly but DONT MESS WITH HER.

History and Family: Not a lot of history, her Dad taught her how to box so she's god at that kind of stuff. Her Mom taught her how to act so she can make you believe anything.

Strength: Boxing, Wrestling, knives, acting and sword fighting a little, bow and arrow, little bit

Weakness:Her tongue can get the best of her, sometimes can't take things seriously

Other: Single.

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Name: Nevaeh Lite
Age: 15
Gender: Female
District: 12
Appearance: ((I'll add a picture later))
Personality: Nevaeh is quiet and mysterious. She rarely speaks. She's a bit shy, and doesn't like attention. She prefers to stay in the shadows. Music is her way of escaping reality, and she fell in love with it a long time ago. Nevaeh is very stealthy. Finding her is a difficult task.
History & Family: From a young age, music became an important part of Nevaeh's life. It brings her light when the darkness comes. Her family means the world to her, especially her younger sister, Fleur. Nevaeh was born and raised in District 12, and she often breaks the rules and goes out into the forest.
Strengths: Very fast and agile. She has a way of blending into the trees.
Weaknesses: She isn't very strong. If it comes to a hand-to-hand fight, she'd lose.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Name: Ayana May
Age: 15
Gender: Female
District: 6

She is extremely Bubbly (nickname is bubbles), Ayana is out going, slightly psychopathic, and, schizophrenic.
Hana- Mother(living)
Marco-Father (Deceased)
Electra- Sister (living)
Seems innocent
Knows poisons
Well, she is schizophrenic
She is afraid of goats, like, neurotically
Easily manipulated
Electra caused her fear of goats.
She like straight jackets.

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We already have a district one female. :/ Sorry.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Oh! I can change the distract, what districts are available?

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3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Okay!

Made her distract 8!

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Grace Bosley Umm I'm from district 8.

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Oh, sorry. Bethany, sorry about that, but can you change it?

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Oh it's fine yea I'll change it again.

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments District 6? And wow I just noticed my dyslexic-ness

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Yeah, sure.

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Ayana accepted

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