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Not sure how this group works...

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Mimi Barbour I received a note asking if I had trouble figuring out this site and I have to admit that I am a bit baffled. If I knew more how to be involved, it would be so much nicer.
My problem is there are many disussions on different books...but I haven't read any of the one's discussed.

Noirfifre I am getting use to this site as well. I know you have Gilead as the book for your discussion. I started reading it this month. Do you like this book?

John Garner I read Gilead and I was pleased with it. It starts off slow, and stays slow: very little action. But that isn't the kind of book it is. It is a reflective book, and hits me deep from several angles. One, it is the story of a an American family; traditions, tales, and beliefs passed down from one generation to the next. Secondly, it is a deeply spiritual book. Very subtle, but it is obvious a strong faith underlies the characters and the writer. Thirdly, it provokes me to think about what is important in life. When I get much older, what will I have to look back on, or regret?

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