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Am I the only one who liked Mockingjay?

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message 1: by Penguin (new)

Penguin Fingers Seriously. All I ever hear among fans is Mockingjay Sucks, Mockingjay Sucks, Mockingjay Sucks. I'm sending this out hoping to rally some fans who thought that book 3 was a satisfyingly climactic conclusion to the Legend of the Mockingjay. Are you out there? Evidence seems to say no.

Sarah Yes, you are the only person in the world that liked Mockingjay. Seriously.
Heh, I'm kidding. I liked it. It was better reading the second time through IMHO.
At first, I thought the ending sucked, it kinda wrapped everything up in a bow and called it good. Good or bad? Eh, I'm still in the middle on that one. Although, I read a fanfic that was AMAZING that detailed the happenings between Katniss and Peeta going home and the jump into the future, where they've got kids and such. I know it's fanfic but fanfic sometimes makes things we don't like, better.

It's pretty long for a fanfic. Split into a number of chapters. Try it.

But, like I said, I still like the book :)

Mockingjay I LOVED MOCKINGJAY! I don't understand why so many people hated it!

Cookie I don't like Mockingjay. It seemed that after the first book was so good, and got me hooked, Catching Fire was slightly less exciting, then Mockingjay was an anti-climax. Mockingjay was too sad, and Katniss... is just portrayed as a sad, depressed girl, who had no right to be in battle. There's not enough hope...

Haidi I enjoyed it. I felt it was a totally different book to the other two, but for me was just another part of a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Tina J I liked Mockingjay!

It's Catching Fire I can't stand!

Gabby Hahaha. Yes.

Abby I love Mockingjay to! But then that seems about right as every book I read and think is AMAZING, everyone else seems to hate so.... yeah.... well I liked it a lot...

Amanda It was too sad, and like someone has already said...she was a little despressed girl who shouldn't have been battling. She was fighting for her people. She needed to be strong.

Rosalie I like the Mockingjay although it was quite sad near the end. I would have thought Katniss would end up triumphant near the end but she came out scarred and struggling...I'm still thinking if she chose better between Peeta and Gale.

Fireminess I liked Mockingjay, because Katniss and Peeta came out damaged. Things that they experienced would definitely leave a mark in their behavior and way of thinking for the rest of their lives. And I think Katniss was incredibly strong. I have no idea how she didn't curl up in a ball and gone insane in the middle book. Overall I liked how Suzanne went more in depth with other characters such as Johanna and Finnick.

Rosalie Yes I do agree with you about Johanna and Finnick. I came to like them. But I didn't like the way Collins ended Finnick's life just like that.

Sarah Caughey I loved Mockingjay too. I think that if it was more happy the book wouldnt have made sense, it more realsitic and believable because not everyone ended up happy and people died. Just like real life.

message 14: by Nasseem (last edited Aug 31, 2012 02:24PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nasseem Sample No, you are not. But the reason meany others did not is too simple. First of all, some of the best charectors are killed off during the war. Second of all, the "good guys" dropped bombs on innocent children.
But wait.... There's more. I have a very big feeling that Katniss ends up with PTSD. Yet the thing I liked about it was that it was realistic. Believe me, there is no magic fluff in THIS story. It does not try to add fantasy so as to make it more off for teens. But once agian, believe me, this is no young adult novel. More of adults from ages 18 and 20.

Nicole D. I loved and it's my favorite of the series.I think people don't like it because it was realistic.I don't know what people thought that Collin's was going to wave a magic wand and make everyone normal and happy.It wouldn't have made sense if she did.The Hunger Games is a book where they throw kids and teenagers in an arena to fight to the death.How in the world is this going to end with everyone fine and totally happy and no scars?

Lydia i love it!! i think i like the 1st book then mockingjay then catching fire... in that order :D but they are all this amazing :D :) :D

Amanda (BookMuffins) MockingJay wad amazing! I don't understand why some people hate it...

Mykala I loved Mockingjay, so did most of my friends and honestly if your a real hunger games fan then you would love all of them!!!

Bronwyn Rykiert I enjoyed Mockinjay just as much as the rest.

Amanda When I first read it, I didn't really like it but once I re-read it, it grew on me. I think it's a more realistic ending although I did think the author was a little overzealous with killing off characters. You expect some main characters to die but to me it felt like EVERYONE was being killed off.

Elizabeth A. Dennler Cookie wrote: "I don't like Mockingjay. It seemed that after the first book was so good, and got me hooked, Catching Fire was slightly less exciting, then Mockingjay was an anti-climax. Mockingjay was too sad, an..."

Cookie wrote: "I don't like Mockingjay. It seemed that after the first book was so good, and got me hooked, Catching Fire was slightly less exciting, then Mockingjay was an anti-climax. Mockingjay was too sad, an..."

I kind of agree with you i like the book but not as much as the first 2, it did seem to make Katniss weak and just in the way, she such a strong character that it made her look horrible but all in all i love the collection.

Nicki Haidi wrote: "I enjoyed it. I felt it was a totally different book to the other two, but for me was just another part of a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed."

That's how I felt. I thought the other two were similar in feel, with Catching Fire obviously building up to something really big. And Mockingjay was just that. It was the end of the story, and even though it wasn't happy and pretty or like the other two, I love it because it is what it is. :)

And I agree with the person talking about the fanfic, how sometimes a fanfic makes you appreciate the original. I loved Mockingjay anyway, and I have read two different fanfics, and I can't imagine the ending turning out any other way than how Collins wrote it. Amazing series.

A New (Gay) Hope i loved the ending, and i really dont undertsand what people expected for MJ, i think it had a great ending, :D

Occamy Potter Occamy are not alone :P

Iloveemmett I think mocking jay was awesome

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Mockingjay isnt bad. I like it better than Catching Fire. I didnt like Catching Fire, until the Second Games, it was pretty boring. I like Mockingjay

message 27: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe I liked Mockingjay the most. I liked the more war-twang it had, and I also liked that Peeta wasn't in it that much. (Don't hate me for it xD)

C.penn I didn't love it. But it was probably the most enjoyable (once I got over Collins killing off a bunch of my fave characters....AGAIN) but my favorite element was probably the hijacking of Peeta, rescue etc. I didn't mind the whole book, but Peeta and Katniss getting together in the end didn't ring true to me and felt bland and sad.

Michaela I thought Mockingjay was great! It really got to all my feelings. I think it was a very believable ending. It was real...and I think that's what it was supposed to be. Bittersweet.

Elizabeth Day No, Mockingjay was good. It just wasn't as good as the others.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

I liked Mockingjay. :)

message 32: by JoJo (new) - rated it 4 stars

JoJo I loved Mockingjay...I have to agree that because everyone didn't live happily after ever people have a issue....all soldiers come back with emotional baggage and this was a series about a war....and I think she portrayed the affect on each of the characters and how each event effected them....I think the ending was awesome!

Marti I understand your pain. I thought Mockingjay was verry fufilling. I ansered most of My Questions

message 34: by Chad (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chad The series was great. Everyone acts like the sequels should have been just like the first one. It would have been horrible, the story needs to continue. As far as Katniss being young and depressed because she is in battle, of course, that is realistic. The whole point is that you have this average young adult who is thrown into a tough situation that no one should have to deal with and she struggles to become the person she needs to be. If she was a soldier who is ready for battle then there would be no story. My only problem with Mocking Jay was the length. It was evident that Collins wrote this book to translate well to the big screen, unlike the Harry Potter series that was full of detail. Unfortunately because she did this it leaves us with an ending that feels somewhat anticlimactic because it happens in a flash.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

I loved it. It is my favorite out of the trilogy. People are complaining about the ending and how Prim and Finnick died and yadi yada... But that is what happen in a war, people die even the ones you love. It was an epic battle, an epic finale, an epic ending. And perfect couple. Katniss and Peeta!

Rhiyaah I love Mockingjay .. i just don't like how it ends .. i want to throw the book .. but actually it's nice . i just hate he ending

Meghana I understand why a lot of HG fans aren't too fond of Mockingjay. But I think that to end the series any other way would have been fake. It's a story about war, loss, and grief and it was written as such. Of course, it's heartbreaking that Prim had to die, but that was the perfect conclusion (along with Coin's death) to the series, because it illustrated that no one really wins in war, not even the good guys. Mockingjay wasn't as extravagant or outwardly fantastic as the previous two books, because this time, the Games weren't staged. There were no pretty dresses and interviews, but instead stoic TV propaganda. The fighting was "for real" this time around, not orchestrated by the Capitol, but encompassing all of Panem. Just as how HP7 didn't have Hogwarts as its setting for most of the novel, Mockingjay didn't take place in the arena as THG and CF did, because the trilogy is not really about the Games but what they symbolize. There were a lot of well written bits that caused the reader to reflect, such as the council to vote on one last Hunger Games, as well as if Katniss would have picked Gale if he hadn't constructed the bomb, and the ending was entirely bittersweet. The previous two books led us to think that maybe everything would turn out okay, and readers looking for a happy ending were disappointed by that. But life isn't ever perfect, and Collins did a poignantly beautiful job of portraying that.

message 38: by Tess (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tess no. mockingjay was good. it definetly wasnt the best in the series. hunger games and catching fire are much better.

Stephanie I loved Mockingjay. It was realistic, to say the least.

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Meghana wrote: "I understand why a lot of HG fans aren't too fond of Mockingjay. But I think that to end the series any other way would have been fake. It's a story about war, loss, and grief and it was written as..."

I agree :)

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

It was realistic but too realistic. For me you read a book to escape reality, there's supposed to be some kind of hope at the end of such a traumatic series...there wasn't. So maybe it's stupid of me,but I just wished for a slightly happier ending. Maybe Katniss would not have ended up so sad. Maybe Prim could have lived( anyone notice the irony in her dying?). Maybe something better could have happened. I was just kinda like " Yea, I had a really bad week what with liking a guy that has a gf, so I decided to lose myself in a story and now I'm even more down. Yay Mockingjay? wtf....?"

See what I mean?

message 42: by James (last edited Sep 02, 2012 09:26PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

James I have heard lots of bad reviews about this book. Mostly, I think, they have to do with the ending. And I honestly felt the same way at first, I was a little disappointed with the ending, with the climax. Then reading the last chapter or last few pages it all made sense to me. I realized that the ending of the entire trilogy could not be the same as the first two books. Because the final point and underlying theme of the trilogy is that war has no victor for its participants. I was glad that the author chose to end the book not on a glorious victory that lionized her, but a more true end that leaves the participants of war changed forever. Because of this, I really enjoyed Mockingjay and I really appreciated the way it wrapped everything up.

Madeline You're not alone James...I too enjoyed Mockingjay...It took me a little longer to read than the first two, but I really did enjoy the plot.

message 44: by Carl (new) - rated it 4 stars

Carl Harris The thing that gets me is the fact that in a book series that is basically about children killing children everyone seemed to think that everything should have ended all wine and roses. I thoroughly enjoyed Mockingjay, and didn't really see any other way for the series to end. If Katniss didn't somehow cut her ties with the rebels, I don't think that she would have been left to live in peace with who ever she wanted. I also think that she would have eventually ended up with Peeta anyway, what with Gale turning into a mass murdering douche. Did anyone besides me feel like punching him out?

Also, considering how much happens in book three, does anyone else think that they will spilt the thrid movie into two?

message 45: by Kyle (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kyle I loved Mockingjay! I think it is my favorite in the series because it is the most realistic in the sense of how everything that happens to Katniss finally takes its toll. I hated the ending at first, but after I understood it, I love it. I am very saddened by Prim's death though. But I think the book as a whole is amazing!

Annie No way! I really liked Mockingjay. Sure it was a little depressing, but it was well written and just so good!

Julie I loved Mockingjay! Its not one of those books where everyone lives happily ever after in war. Because in reality people actually do die in war. They are not invincible. I love this book because that was the closest to reality you are ever going to get in a fiction book.
(That probably was more confusing that it sounded in my head but oh well. LIVE WITH IT!)

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ I loved Mockingjay. It as dark, it was grim it was different. But I loved it nonetheless !

Betsy MockingJay was the realistic,and oh yes, grim ending to the Hunger Games trilogy. Like so many people have posted it was "truthful" and "realistic". It hurt to read but made a powerful point. Not all wars end happily,people suffer permanent damage to their pysches, dictatorships die only to give rise to new ones.
Peeta in his drug induced illusions must ask: "You love me -real or not real?" And Katniss,after all this time and horror can answer "Real" That was the only happy ending. As John Lennon (?)said "In the end ,only kindness (or maybe love) matters. That's the point.

Naomi Scarlett I really really liked it. I agree with what a lot of other people said, that most people didn't like it because it wasn't a typical happy ending. But the thing is with this kind of story you can't have a typical happy ending because it just wouldn't work. If it had had one I would have been left thinking "oh yeah so you were forced to play in a TV game show were you had to fight to the death. Twice. Made to lead a revolution you had no intention in starting. Your sister, the one person you did anything for, is dead. And your living on your own in a burnt down district. But your happy. WHAT THE HELL."
It ended the way it would have in reality after a revolution. People were killed. Lives were destroyed. But people were trying to make the best out of the situation.

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