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George and the Dragon, (alternative title: Dragon Sword) is a 2004 Sci-Fi Channel Historical fantasy film based in a medieval England, and loosely based on the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

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Lucinda Synopsis:

George (James Purefoy), a knight returned from the Crusades, wishes to retire from soldiering, find a wife, and settle on "an acre of land with two head of cattle." To conclude the transaction, he agrees to help the land's owner, King Edgaar (Simon Callow), whose daughter Princess Lunna (Piper Perabo) has disappeared. Also in search of the princess are Garth (Patrick Swayze), betrothed of the unwilling princess, and the mercenary El Cabillo, a title which passes through different men, and begins with (uncredited) Val Kilmer.

The princess has been kidnapped by a female dragon, which lays an egg and then seemingly dies a few days later. Rather than escaping, the princess decides to guard the egg, which she believes holds the last dragon on earth, whom she has named Smite. George's father Sir Robert (Paul Freeman), a previous friend of King Edgaar's and an amputee from his own previous run-in with the mother dragon, gives his son George a Dragon Horn, which "sounds a note only a dragon can hear".

When George encounters the princess, he attempts to destroy the egg but she knocks him unconscious each time he tries. They then, in company with other companions, transport the egg by wagon back to her father. Along the way they stop at a convent, where Lunna's cousin is a nun, and a friar is an old friend of George's. The princess's betrothed, Garth, catches up with them at the convent, and she says she will not marry him because she does not love him. He then kidnaps her to force her to marry him, as it is part of his plan to take over the kingdom.

Mercenaries arrive, led by the El Cabillo, who then reveals himself to the group as Tarik (Michael Clarke Duncan), a Moor who was a close friend of George's seen at the beginning of the film before the two part ways. But El Cabillo's men revolt against him, as they wish to capture the Princess and claim the reward. While they are all fighting, the baby dragon hatches, the monk Elmendorf is killed saving the Princess from a flying spear, and King Edgaar's men and Sir Robert's men arrive to join the fray. During this fight, Garth and George are fighting, but turn to find themselves facing a mutual enemy: the former second-in-command of El Cabillo, the leader of the mutiny. They fight him off together, while taking shots at each other. This conflagration is interrupted as the wall of the castle keep explodes across the screen. The mother dragon has returned.

The combatants all flee. George is last to the door of the keep but debris prevents his escape. In the castle courtyard the former combatants all listen in silence as the dragon makes much noise within the keep. The Princess Lunna fears the worst for both George and the dragon she has named herself.

Within the keep the mother dragon seems preoccupied with her child and George is largely frozen lest he attract the mother dragon's attention. George notices a lance protrudes from the mother dragons side. This is the lance of his father still lodged in the beast. George slowly approaches the lance and takes hold. He asks God's forgiveness for what he must do and promises to make this as painless as possible for the dragon.

The scene shifts to the castle courtyard a roar is heard. George emerges from the keep with a bloodied lance. Believing that George has slain the dragon the men are overjoyed. The Princess Lunna however is not and, overcome with sorrow for both the dragon's death and George's betrayal, flees on horseback. George pursues with King Edgaar's horse and his blessing to marry his daughter. There is a chase along the shore of a large body of water but George is not alone in the chase. Garth has also pursued. Garth knocks George from his steed and they fight. Garth has the advantage and as he raises his sword for the killing blow the mother dragon leaps from the water and swallows Garth whole.

The Princess Lunna realizes that George did not actually kill the dragons. They kiss and presumably live happily ever after.

...the end!

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (Eiyah_Fantasyfreak) | 149 comments Mod
Lucinda wrote: "Synopsis:

George (James Purefoy), a knight returned from the Crusades, wishes to retire from soldiering, find a wife, and settle on "an acre of land with two head of cattle." To conclude the trans..."

I want to watch it...

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Lucinda Its a great film! :)

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Cole (Spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
This sounds great, I am going to look for it today!

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Lucinda Well, it is something we have all herd of (especially in the UK and Scotland of course!). The legend continues...

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Cole (Spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
Oh, that is why I have never heard of it; I live in the U.S. so...
Is this a TV show?
Anyway, that probably means you guys know of Merlin the TV show?

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Lucinda George and the Dragon is a day in the United Kingdom calander that is celebrated each year, when in Scotland a brave knight slayed the fearsome Dragon. It is something that is remembered after hundreds of years like a myth/ legend, and is a holiday in Scotland on that day.

Yes, i LOVE the television drama series of Merlin on BBC1!! I adore the Arthurian legends and this series is so enjoyable, with a great Warlock who is whitty and a bit backward but loveable. His tutor Guyas is amazing and all the characters from Arthur, his Knights to Guienevere are so great. The Dragon in it is also interesting and the *spoiler* new white baby Dragon's destiny is going to be interesting.

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Cole (Spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
What new white baby dragon!!!? Dare it I read the spoiler! When is season 4 coming out, I have been dying to see it!
And what I mean was is George and the dragon the film a series or a movie?

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Lucinda At the end of the last series Merlin encounters a baby Dragon hatched from an egg that he rescued, as the old Dragon presumed he was the last of his kind- he was not! Merlin names the Dragon and so it is connected and bonded with him, being most special and rare. Here in the United Kingdom the next series is coming out soon on TV this autumn, continuing on from where it left off (Arthur getting married and becoming King). I am most excited and can't wait to see it.

*Dragon spolier - but isn't he cute??!!*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A dragon will only hatch when a Dragonlord gives it a name - yes, Merlin is the last DragonLord! Its name is Aithusa

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Cole (Spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod

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Cole (Spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
I just finished watching George and the Dragon! It was pretty good. My favorite characters was the Princess and the Moor (I think that is how you spell it). Thanks for showing us this movie!

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Cole (Spectyr333) | 738 comments Mod
You know, I should put Merlin as a discussion. What do you think?

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Lucinda Cole wrote: "You know, I should put Merlin as a discussion. What do you think?"

Yes, do! That would be great x

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