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Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Did some book shopping today and picked up:

BLOOD MERIDIAN by Cormac McCarthy
PRAYERS FOR RAIN by Dennis Lehane
THE WOODS by Harlan Coben

What are your latest purchases?

message 2: by Jon Recluse (last edited Aug 26, 2012 09:53PM) (new)

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments My latest purchases were:

THE COLONY by F.G. Cottam

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Love Hirshberg's stuff!

Charlene | 1068 comments Bethany's Sin by McCammon
Saying Uncle by Greg Gifune
Bad Billy by Jimmy Pudge

Kealan, that Wally Lamb book was very good. I hope you enjoy it.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
The girlfriend recommended it and her tastes are better than mine, so I'm looking forward to it!

message 6: by Jon Recluse (last edited Aug 27, 2012 02:33PM) (new)

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments I was just checking out that book on GR.

Not one male liked it.

Charlene | 1068 comments I thought it was excellent and I thought his second book was even better.

I picked up Descentby Sandy Deluca today. : )

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments Sounds interesting.

Charlene | 1068 comments She has a free short out Death Moon, I don't know if it's still free, but I really enjoyed it. So I thought I would try this one out.

Chris Bowsman | 191 comments FULL DARK, NO STARS by SK. Just finished it, freaking fantastic. Heading to Half-Price Books friday, so I'll probably get a bunch of Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum books :)

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments I wanna know what you pick up!

Chris Bowsman | 191 comments Usually it's a bunch of old Leisure stuff, but last time I lucked out and found a couple Tom Piccirilli books.

Chris Bowsman | 191 comments I think it's criminal that he's not a household name.

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments It is. I've been reading his stuff since The Choir of Ill Children.

I just put in a request for a couple of Karl Edward Wagner collections from my new inter-library system.

Benjamin Uminsky (BenjaminU) | 40 comments I just got in J.G Ballard's Arkham house collection of short stories. Memories of the Space Age by J.G. Ballard

I also recently purchased Centipede Press' newest reprint of Thomas Tryon's Harvest Home Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments Very nice.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Benjamin: Book porn. That is all.

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments Book porn?

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Books so awesome they elicit feelings akin to those experienced while watching porn = book porn.

message 21: by Jon Recluse (last edited Aug 30, 2012 06:01PM) (new)

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments I don't watch porn....and remind me never to lend you a book.....

Chris Bowsman | 191 comments I probably sound like a salesman for Half-Price Books, but they're having a 20% off sale through Monday.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Sweet, thanks Chris!

Benjamin Uminsky (BenjaminU) | 40 comments Kealan wrote: "Benjamin: Book porn. That is all."

Very expensive book porn... mind you. I love books from Centipede Press... but they don't come cheaply. Their Masters of the Weird Tale omnibuses are amazing.

For those interested in CP...

Benjamin Uminsky (BenjaminU) | 40 comments I will soon be buying Stephen Clark's newest title, published by the newly formed Egaeus Press. I still need to write a review of Clark's recent novella, "The Satyr", which was magnificent... very much in the vein of Bruno Schultz's works.

Clark's newest is a beautifully bound hard cover edition...

Chris Bowsman | 191 comments Back from HPB. Got Lehane's A DRINK BEFORE THE WAR and DARKNESS, TAKE MY HAND for me, a couple doorstop fantasy books for my wife (Terry Goodkind and something else), and a 3D sticker/coloring book for one of my kids, all for less than $20.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Sweet haul, both of you!

Ben: Centipede Press puts out some very classy, gorgeous editions of work that deserves reissue. Don't they also do trades for the non-collector?

Benjamin Uminsky (BenjaminU) | 40 comments =)
Sometimes they will do paperback editions... which are more in $15 range. Cheapest hardback they have is more in the $60 range though.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod

Catt Dahman | 2 comments " Thomas Tryon's Harvest Home "...........one of my top ten of all time favs

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
You know, I've never read anything by Tryon, though I know I should.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Just bought THE PILLOWMAN and THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE & OTHER PLAYS by Martin McDonagh. I've enjoyed his movies very much (IN BRUGES, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS), so I'm eager to check out his plays. THE PILLOWMAN in particular is supposed to be very dark and grimly humorous, which is as good as way to describe his work as any.

Jon Recluse | 2016 comments I've only read one play.
The White Devil

Dylan (dylanjmorgan) | 22 comments My latest purchase was Nemesis . . . of course.

I also got "Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter" and "Speed Dating with the Dead" yesterday, but both of those were Kindle free editions, so not technically purchases.

Gonna be some good reading this winter.

Bill (Shiftyj1) | 131 comments Just bought The Hoard, The Summer I Died, and A Choir of Ill Children.

Got a bunch of cool hardback books at the Goodwill store recently as well. Not sure when I am going to find the time to read all these...

Charlene | 1068 comments What a good bunch of books, Bill!

I've heard lots of good things about that Piccirilli book. (I'm pretty sure that's not spelled correctly!)

And The Hoard ruled!

Bill (Shiftyj1) | 131 comments Hi, Charlene! I got The Hoard because I saw your reviews on it! Can't wait to start. The Piccirilli I picked up along with a few others of his to try and show some support for him and his cancer battle even though I have never read him. Quite a few people that I trust think he is great, so I have a lot of catching up to do ; )

message 39: by Charlene (last edited Nov 06, 2012 11:51AM) (new)

Charlene | 1068 comments I would love to hear your thoughts when you're done, Bill!

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
I've never read a bad book by Tom P. Great guy too. I'm hoping he pulls through this tough time.

Charlene | 1068 comments I've only read a few shorts here and there.
I've read really good things about Choir though.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
That's still my favorite one.

Charlene | 1068 comments Ooohh, that's a good haul there, Cynthia.
I have not yet read Let the Right One In, but I've read and enjoyed the other two.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Very nice, Cynthia. Like Charlene, I've read all but LTROI, and they were good. A WINTER HAUNTING is particularly good.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
My latest acquisitions were HORNS by Joe Hill, and THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE & OTHER PLAYS by Martin McDonagh.

Charlene | 1068 comments My newest acquisition was Nemesis: The Death of Timmy Quinn.

Kealan Burke (KealanPatrickBurke) | 1335 comments Mod
Yay! Thanks Charlene!

Cynthia | 5 comments Kealan wrote: "My latest acquisitions were HORNS by Joe Hill, and THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE & OTHER PLAYS by Martin McDonagh."

I loved Horns!

Charlene | 1068 comments Kealan, thanks to you and whoever else for the reasonable pricing. It's appreciated!

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