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Richard Richard von Hippel

A while ago, and I can't remember the thread, somone posted that you could get your book promoted for free on a site called, so I looked into it and I thought you might like to see the result, in case you want to try it for yourselves:
Please feel free to review "NOT AGAIN" on

I don't know when I'm going to do my next free promo on Kindle, so if you want a copy feel free to ask (mobi,pdf, or Epub).

To help you make up your mind if its your sort of thing I'm adding the review my Editor did for the book - though he may be biased in my favour!

Review by Peter Makem - Editor, Journalist and Poet

This new novel by a Bradford man presents a fresh literary seam by exposing the sheer plight, suffering and courage of ordinary people that society conventionally tries to hide and deny.

“Not Again” by Richard Von Hippel tells the story of Iris, a young woman setting out in life in her city. It is a story superbly told,devoid of any sense of pity or sense of sanitising the reality of her struggle, as the author shapes an heroic figure out of a pathetic existence. In many ways, it is as if the paintings of Lowrie came alive and the figures went off to their various homes and vanished into the hidden flow of life.

Iris Ann Stewart was born into a better off than average family in 1951 at St Lukes Hospital, Bradford, West Yorkshire and enjoyed a happy early childhood until she was sexually assaulted at the age of eleven.

This incident marked the beginning of a life of such incredible misfortune and bad luck that by the time she met her therapist in 2005, she’d survived being stalked by her violent ex-fiancé, a teenage pregnancy, being disowned by her father, forced into marrying a violent, alcoholic, gambling addict,the premature death of her mother from a burst aneurysm (brain haemorrhage),a second violently abusive marriage to a man who was later imprisoned for tying up a prostitute with wire before raping her at knifepoint, long term disability from her own burst aneurysm, multiple strokes, seizures, a tumour on the bowel and if it hadn't been for the doctors and surgeons who helped she would have lost her left foot, left leg and her life.

But the key to the originality of this book is not in the series of events, appalling as they are. It is in their presentation, as if this volcano of disaster was a norm of daily life behind closed doors, a suppressed tale of everyday struggle, that human existence is closer to the Book of Job than we imagine or let ourselves believe.

Von Hippel does not get personally involved. He imposes no moral code or moral inference. His approach is purely and powerfully descriptive. This leaves the reader with the strange and often overwhelming sense of the impassiveness and indifference of fate- or the heavens- in the face of human plight. The reader is made to feel helpless, impotent but from time to time they must cry out within themselves for something to be done to end the unbearable sequence. Small measures of human comfort intrude from time to time, to ease suffering, sooth pain, but they are no more than the towel of Veronica in the wider drama.

“Not Again” is a rare book. It is difficult to find an equivalent work. It is one whose echoes will remain somewhere in the deep of the mind long after the reader finishes the last page.

message 2: by Leila (new)

Leila Summers (leilasummers) | 711 comments Looks great Richard. In the future, I would love to read your book! It sounds fascinating. At the moment, I have too many in queue, but I will get there. Thanks for sharing.


message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Burch (mcburch) | 14 comments Thank you for sharing this info. It looks excellent.

message 4: by June (new)

June Collins (JuneCollins) | 114 comments Richard is very 'gung-ho' about cracking the nut on this promotion business and he has some good ideas that I support. One thing he points out is that there are few of us - 122, I believe.
I'm not sure what 'tagging' is but if someone holds my hand as I go through the first one, I am prepared to spend however long it takes to tag every one of the 122 members. There is strength in numbers.

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