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Lianne (The Towering Pile) Lavoie (liannelavoie) | 30 comments Mod
This discussion topic is for people who have finished reading Slaughterhouse-Five. There will certainly be spoilers here!

Chris Thompson (chucklemation) | 3 comments So what did everybody think?

I just finished it today, and the ending is very sad. Vonnegut really knows how to make you laugh and then a second later make you feel guilty for laughing at such a sad situation. I'm also sticking with my theory that Billy Pilgrim's coming unstuck from time is an element of PTSD. I think Kilgore Trout is key. The novel mixes fact with fiction, and Trout is a fictional character who is treated like he is factual. A lot of his stories are very similar to the Tralfamadorian storyline. Perhaps science fiction was a way for Billy to cope, except he becomes so involved in the world he forgets what's real.

Those are my thoughts though. What did everyone else think?

Lianne (The Towering Pile) Lavoie (liannelavoie) | 30 comments Mod
Thanks for posting your thoughts, Chris! :)

I couldn't help but read it as a sci fi novel. I think I'm so used to reading science fiction and fantasy, and not at all used to reading stuff like this, that the possibility of other explanations, like PTSD, didn't even occur to me until after I'd finished the book, and people started pointing out to me that I may have missed things. :P

Years ago, I started reading another Vonnegut novel, Breakfast of Champions, but gave up on it because I found it so random and nonsensical. I don't think Slaughterhouse-Five was as nonsensical as that one, but in general I think my tastes have changed enough that I enjoyed his sort of random, casual writing style more than I did back then. So maybe I should give Breakfast of Champions another chance!

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