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message 1: by Jo (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jo (Jo_VBC) | 25 comments Mod
Hey guys, hope you've enjoyed this month's group read Biting Cold. We've had some great discussions so far, firstly about Ethan & Merit and then about Mallory. This time we're talking about The Red Guard. In Drink Deep Merit official joined the Red Guard, a secret group of cross house vampires and rogues, set up to act as a check and balance system to regulate the GP.

Now that Ethan is back do you think Merit should have told him about her involvement?

Do you think Merit will be the one to tell him, or do you think he'll find out by other means?

What do think his and the other members of Cadogan house's reactions will be?

And do you think the Red Guard will come into play more now that Cadogan has broken from the GP?

Sienny | 13 comments i think if she told ethan of her involvement with the red guard, it'll jeopardize the other members. but with the whole house defecting from GP, i don't know whether she should told ethan or not and i think ethan will know by other means.

can't wait for house rules!

Amanda Byrne (ByrneAfterReading) | 14 comments I almost feel like it's a moot point by now. Her reluctance to join in the first place was she felt like she'd be spying on her house, but now...I dunno. Ethan knows the Red Guard exists, right? With his new and improved outlook on life, I think he's a little more flexible and won't flip out like he would have if the house was still under the GP. Merit'll probably put off telling him until like, the middle of HOUSE RULES, and then she'll only do it because somehow her secret gets out. Gotta have some kind of tension between them, right? :P

Jill Bradley (jillo725) | 30 comments I think that he'll find out later and be pissed because she joined when the house was under the GP, which does mean that she would be spying on him. Even if her intentions were good, if you're lover's secretly reporting your mistakes to another body, that has to be offensive.

I've been kind of disappointed in the Red Guard story so far. I mean all they have been so far is backup when Merit needed help fighting Tate. I think she should have been pulled away on a mission to somewhere else and had to come up with an excuse to Ethan. It would have been more interesting.

message 5: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy A | 27 comments I think, at this point, what Cadogan has gone through with the GP, the news that Merit is part of the Red Guard won't be as big of a deal as it would have been if Cadogan was still under GP rule. That said, I think that Ethan might question, on a personal level, why Merit kept this from him for so long. I think that will cause tension between them, otherwise I think Ethan will see that it's obvious that the GP needs to be watched and kept in check. But like others we haven't really seen the Red Guard do much more than observe. They haven't stepped in to speak up for the bad decisions the GP has made. It almost seems as though they are too scared of outing themselves as members (the individual vampires are) than of actually doing anything.

Danielle (Dani481) | 1 comments I think Merit should tell Ethan now that Cadogan has broken from the GP. If she told him before it would have put Ethan in-between a rock and a hard with the GP and caused even more tension. I bet in House Rules Merit will have intentions of telling Ethan about the Red Guard but won’t get a chance to before someone else spills the beans. I think Ethan will definitely feel betrayed and spied on but I don’t think the general population of Cadogan will know that Merit is a Red Guard. There is really no telling if the Red Guard will come into play more. I think Biting Cold was a sort of set up book for a completely different world\direction for Merit and the Chi-town clan. I think anything is possible at this point.

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