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This is a more life role-play type thing.
The characters will all be one age and born within a week of each other. There will be nannies and teachers, schools and friends.
I am making every character 13, almost 14. If this group lasts a while, we can even have them turn 15 an split their different ways.
Life in the building is very locked down, and each kid can go only to the stores on their block. The neighborhood is filled with identical buildings all full of kids. Each month is centered on a block, each year in a section.
The stores there service only the kids from that block. The perimeter of the Nurturing Neighborhood is incredibly locked down. No one can get in or out. Everything a child ages 0-15 needs is in the NN, even having their own hospital.
Each building that houses a week's worth of births has almost 2000 kids. (this is realistic- every day in New York City, over 300 babies are born)
This means the the NN has about 1.5 million kids.
If people on average lived until they were 75, the population of New Apple City would be 7.8 million, which is considerably smaller than today's NYC. Also keep in mind a large percentage would be drudgers, who die at age 30.
This city can handle a huge population.

Within each building there would be about 600 drudgers, and 10 elitist, give or take.
everything in between varies considerably, depending on birth rates, the economy, cultural changes and societal needs, even he weather. None of the average public understands how perfect it is, how much their lives could've been shambles if Fotavis hadn't been united under the Algorithm, how it saved the human race.
Hence the beauty of the future is in the computer program that balances Fotavis. The Fate Algorithm.

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The Fate Algorithm ~A Dystopian Role-play~

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