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Shadow Cannibal books by Shadow Reader
1 chapter — updated Sep 01, 2013 04:26PM — 2 people liked it
tags: books, cannibal, eating, omnom

Sam Things Aren't As They Seem by Sam B
17 chapters — updated Apr 19, 2014 05:46PM — 1 person liked it
tags: 3rd-person, action, adventure, alien-world, cannibal, fear, government-secrets, lies, murder, sad,

Mirvan Illicit: the Start of the Carnage by Mirvan Ereon
1 chapter — updated Apr 05, 2012 03:19AM — 2 people liked it
tags: cannibal, carnage, evil, flesh, gore, illicit, incest, lust, murder, obscene,

The Litter The Litter by Kevin Doyle
1 chapter — updated Dec 15, 2014 07:27PM — 0 people liked it
tags: cannibal, horror, suspense, urban

Semiazas The Way of All Flesh by Semiazas
1 chapter — updated Apr 23, 2011 06:15AM — 0 people liked it
tags: all, cannibal, flesh, future, of, short, story, the, way

Above-Ground Above-Ground by Delora
1 chapter — updated Nov 03, 2011 08:04AM — 0 people liked it
tags: axe, blood, cannibal, gore, hatch, horror, mutant, strong, style, superhuman,

Donald The Cookout by Donald Conrad
1 chapter — updated Apr 18, 2010 06:11PM — 0 people liked it
tags: all-you-can-eat, cannibal, cookout, haiku, horror, humor, poetry, senryu

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