Someone Like You - UNTITLED [for now] (chapter 6)

by Jαsmin
Charley is a British teen singer who has come to the United States to live his dream. His rise to stardom took only a matter of weeks. Known all across the country, he is surrounded by fans, fame, cameras, a big record deal, fans, money, cars, and more fans, along with the California sun. He's living the life, and couldn't ask for more.

Emily Thorne has lived in Los Angeles her whole life. She has never understood why people from outside Cali make sucha big deal of where she lives. To her, LA is just home. One day, all she finds herself doing is seeing and listening to some phenomenom British...more


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UNTITLED [for now]
Chapter 6   —   Updated Apr 19, 2012   —   4,058 characters
Trying to talk to the person right next to you was proving to be a problem. It was Friday and the school halls were crowded. And loud. Extremely loud.

Attempting to make my way through the swarm of students, I saw Kim was propped up against my locker.

In my way were two girls with really bad acne. They were squealing about some 'Charlie.' After mentally rolling my eyes and a few tries, I finally managed to get to her.

"Took you long enough, Em."

I gave her playful shove, "Be quiet. It's like a zoo in here."

She bumped my hip, "Well, what do you expect? It is a high school."

At that we both laughed and I opened my locker, switching my books from the previous class for the ones I needed next.

Kim twirled the tips of her golden locks. She had such beautiful, soft hair. Honestly, I kind of envied her, but just a tiny little bit. Nothing that would ever come between our friendship. Kim in general was beautiful.Blonde, blue eyed, thin, but with plenty of curves. She was your typical popular cheerleader. Well, except for the fact that she was smart and didn't mess around with a bunch of guys like the other cheerleaders. I mean, she did have a boyfriend every now and then, but not too often. And that's why I liked her, because she was different.

Unlike me. All I was, was just average. But in a way, I felt satisfied. What with my moussy brown hair and green eyes. Not too tall, not too short. Not too thin, not too thick.

"Yoo-hoo, anybody there?" Kim waved her hand in front me, snapping me out of the daze.

"Sorry. What?"

She rolled her eyes, "I had asked, 'Are you still up for hitting Venice beach after school?'"

I thought about it for a couple of seconds, maybe a couple seconds too long because she continued talking, "Its no big deal if you can't. I mean, we can go some other time, just us, because I know how you don't really like hanging out in a group."

I bit my lip, knowing it was true, but went with my original decision. "Nah, I'll go. After all, if Brian and I are gonna be hanging out, I bet it'll be in a group. So better start getting used to it right?"

Her eyes rolled and she shoved her bag higher up her shoulder, "If you say so, Em."
Kim opened her mouth again, as if to say more, but must've thought better of it and looked around the hall.

After exchanging books for the ones I needed for my next class, I looked up and was shocked.

Never in our entire friendship, had I seen my best friend look the way she did now. She looked like she was about to go out for someone's blood. Or shank somebody. Her jaw was clenched so tight, a muscle twitched in her cheek. Her eyes were shadowed by her defined eyebrows, as she glared at something behind me.

She looked, possessed.

I took a step back. "Kim?" my voice came out a squeak. Holy shit. Was I afraid of her?

Hell to the no.

At the sound of my voice, her face went back to normal, as if it never happened. Scarily, it reminded me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Or like that one Lord of the Rings movie, where Bilbo tried taking the ring back from Frodo.

Seeing the look on my face, she grabbed my hand, a little too rough for my liking, "Come on. Were gonna be late for our last class," She glanced over at me, as she practically dragged me, "And you don't wanna miss out on seeing Brian, do you?"

First the glare, and now acting like a, dare I say, biotch? Either I was starting to imagine things, or she was possessed.

Kim dragged me through the halls, her grip so tight that I'd bet there would be red marks when then she let go.

We rounded a corner, making me ram into two girls. I suddenly felt the absence of Kim's hand wrapped around my wrist, as I stumbled backwards from the impact.

Arms caught me before I hit the ground, and whoever had caught me, pulled me closer to hug me from behind. I froze, realizing who it was.

"You okay?" his voice was at my ear, making me shiver at his close proximity.

[To be finished.]

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