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The Rocket Riders
A new generation of space adventure, inspired by Ray Bradbury's classic short story, The Rocket Man.
chapter 1: Opportunity Cost (added 2011/01/20)

Spider Boy
This is a recent contribution to my in-laws' family newsletter.
chapter 1: Spider Boy (added 2008/04/08)

Basketball Standard
I don’t look because I know exactly where that ball is going.
chapter 1: Basketball Standard (added 2008/03/13)

Flying Leap
This is the screenplay to my latest film project.
chapter 1: Flying Leap (added 2008/03/10)

This is the intro to my latest novel.
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2008/03/14)

Star Bright
Eleven-year-old Christopher David Starlite was definitely not a space commander – and perhaps that was the problem. “Star Bright” is a book about a boy with big dreams who finds himself tethered to an ...more
chapter 1: Launch (added 2008/03/10)