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At a Standstill
Ever seen Lie To Me? In that TV series, they base their findings off of the very real science of micro expressions. Micro expressions are the tiny expressions of true emotions that flash between the m ...more
chapter 1: 1 (added 2012/10/02)

Aevus Obio
Harry, depressed and alone in his bedroom at Privet Drive, decides he's done following the rules--he's going to go back in time to save Sirius. He meets a strange man known for his strange objects and ...more
chapter 1: 1 (added 2012/05/17)
chapter 2: 2 (added 2012/04/26)
chapter 3: 3 (added 2012/04/26)

Imagine a world of urchins, ash, and death. People rarely live past fifteen here, forcing children to grow up much too quickly. Noa, whose sixteenth birthday is in a few days, is determined to change ...more
chapter 1: Not A Princess (added 2012/03/20)

The Worst Day of Her Life
Voldemort and his followers have attacked Hogwarts. They have been left to pick up the pieces. Harry has been given a choice.
Then, a voice breaks the silence...

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belon

chapter 1: 1 (added 2012/02/25)

Paying Attention
So I was sitting at the bus stop today, eating some potato chips, when the inspiration for this poem arrived.
Although, I suppose I didn't actually write it until later, while mindlessly facebooking.

chapter 1: 1 (added 2011/06/21)

A Ghostly Dream
Have you ever woken up from a dream feeling such strong emotions that they carry out through your day? I woke up this morning feeling really lonely and rather miserable--not because of anything going ...more
chapter 1: Liz (added 2011/10/03)

Their Curse: The Seventh House
Short story: Upon moving for the seventh time, Milo discovers a secret involving a curse and certain death for all those closest to him.
chapter 1: 1 (added 2011/04/10)
chapter 2: 2 (added 2011/04/10)

Lyrical Scribbles
Lyrics that I may or may not have finished writing.
chapter 1: Burn the Flame (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 2: I'm still here (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 3: Not a Damsel in Distress (My personal favorite) (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 4: You're Mine (added 2012/02/01)

Spoken Too Late
A collection of poetry I wrote a while ago in high school. They're decent enough, I suppose.
chapter 1: The Reader (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 2: Midwinter Loss (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 3: Music is my forte (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 4: Life's Stars (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 5: Listening to the Rain (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 6: Tears (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 7: Reading Your Mind (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 8: When Truth Comes (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 9: Running From Me (added 2011/03/28)
chapter 10: Meant to be Heard (added 2011/04/10)
chapter 11: Gone (added 2011/04/10)

With Hope
Have you ever wished you could meet the characters of your favorite book? Meet Hope, a sarcastic yet good-hearted teenager in a child's body. She has finally gotten the chance we've all wanted. Yanked ...more
chapter 1: A rude awakening (added 2011/01/09)
chapter 2: A tentative friendship (added 2011/01/09)
chapter 3: Power Corrupts (added 2011/01/09)
chapter 4: Finding Our Way (added 2011/01/09)
chapter 5: Harry Potter (added 2011/01/11)

Of Fair Fortune
This is a Harry Potter fanfic I started a while ago but never finished. I never decided what would happen next, then moved on to different things. So here's what I have so far, although it's not likel ...more
chapter 1: 1 (added 2010/05/29)
chapter 2: 2 (added 2010/05/29)
chapter 3: 3 (added 2010/05/29)
chapter 4: 4 (added 2010/09/12)
chapter 5: 5 (added 2011/01/08)
chapter 6: 6 (added 2012/02/23)
chapter 7: 7 (added 2012/03/06)
chapter 8: 8 (added 2016/03/10)
chapter 9: 9 (added 2016/03/19)

It's been a hundred years since the five last Shakers decided to form a giant Utopian community. Because of the violence and confusion racking the world, crowds flocked for the chance of a peaceful, p ...more
chapter 1: Ari (added 2010/01/18)
chapter 2: Jostle (added 2010/01/18)
chapter 3: Ari (added 2010/01/18)

Return to Kentaten
There's a horrible sickness in Alvalor--one that only Will knows how to cure. The problem is, the cure is somewhere else, in a place Will hoped he never would have return to: Earth.
Once again, Will a

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 2: 1 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 3: 2 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 4: 3 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 5: 4 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 6: 5 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 7: 6 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 8: 7 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 9: 8 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 10: 9 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 11: 10 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 12: 11 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 13: 12 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 14: 13 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 15: 14 (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 16: 15 (added 2009/06/16)
chapter 17: 16 (added 2009/06/16)

Alvalor: Stone Quest
William Stone, an introverted and self conscious teenage boy, finally gets the adventure he's always wanted when he finds a strange rock. It transports him into a book he's reading, forcing him to bec ...more
chapter 1: The Stone (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 2: Lower Byklaw Entrance Two (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 3: Festival of Garks (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 4: The Search (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 5: City of Eternal Night (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 6: Friends to the Plants (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 7: Split Wood (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 8: Trees, Nightmares, and More Trees (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 9: The Ring of Comrades (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 10: The Dance of the Lumins (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 11: Rosamund the Strange (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 12: Gifts and Issues (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 13: Confused Sleep (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 14: A City of Understanding (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 15: A Trial Interrupted (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 16: Separation (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 17: Bears and Warriors (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 18: A Mug in the Wrong Hands (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 19: Betrayal (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 20: The Call of the Sirens (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 21: Run Like the Rain (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 22: Mozick Marsh (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 23: Royal Desolation (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 24: Surprise (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 25: The Tale of Kentaten (added 2009/06/07)
chapter 26: Epilogue: A Secret Combination (added 2009/06/07)

Recollecting Melody
It's just an idea, really. I'm going to see how far this thing goes.
Melody has woken up to find herself in a hospital. Her family is in California, none of her friends have visited, and a cute boy nam

chapter 1: 10/19/08 (added 2009/01/20)

Another Prayer
Written in Creative Writing
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/04/04)

A Prayer
Written in Creative Writing a couple years ago
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/04/04)

My Rules to Writing
Here are some things I go back to when I'm having a hard time writing. Ok, so some of them I borrowed from other people but oh well. Enjoy. Hope they help.
chapter 1: 1 (added 2008/04/04)