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Mike Philbin's Kumiko (war world #3) novel, opening chapter
Opening chapter of Mike Philbin's novel KUMIKO (war world #3)
chapter 1: merrily merrily merrily merrily... (added 2015/04/13)

Mike Philbin's Reaper (free planet #3) novel, opening chapter
opening chapter for Mike Philbin's REAPER (free planet #3) novel
chapter 1: CRYSTALLINE (added 2015/04/13)

Mike Philbin's Liberator (free planet #2) novel, opening chapter
what happened four years about in the first Free Planet novel 'Custodian' wasn't all that happened, there was another parallel conspiracy...
chapter 1: THE REPRIMED CANVAS (added 2014/09/20)

Mike Philbin's Watcher (war world #2) novel, opening chapter
opening chapter to Mike Philbin's second War World novel WATCHER
chapter 1: 1: SONG OF THE CHRONOMETER (added 2014/06/06)

Mike Philbin's TANDEM (war world #1) novel, opening chapter
opening chapter of my new novel TANDEM about how the Corporate War World interacts with the Global Gambling Game.
chapter 1: THE BOZOULS ASSIGNMENT (added 2013/10/06)

Free Planet (book one: Custodian) - sneak peak later chapter
Our corporate hero gets proper shafted at his 'three month appraisal'.
chapter 1: YOUR FUNERAL, BUDDY (added 2013/06/07)

Mike Philbin's Custodian (free planet #1) novel, opening chapter
the soldiers of the Custodian Rebellion are preparing for all out war.
chapter 1: NINETY BILLION SOULS (added 2014/09/20)

Another Beautiful Day in the Corp
here's an excerpt from my latest story at Decomp Literary Magazine - it surreally dramatises the story of the corporate slave trade - get ready for eye-gouging action.
chapter 1: yeah, it gets no better than this (added 2010/07/11)

how to sell the apocalypse?
Silverthought staffers Mark Brand and Andy Laughton put Philbin over the coals about his new novels Bukkakeworld and Planet of the Owls.
chapter 1: we'll all be happy when we have no more freedom (added 2008/07/25)

hating the reader
What are your books supposed to be saying about your view of the literary world, or the financial world, or the moral world or the religious world?
chapter 1: the infinite curve of mutual relevance (added 2014/12/06)

what the hell has happened to planet Ergot, Livinia?
chapter 1: ninety-nine lines of nostalgia (added 2008/05/16)

Planet of the Owls
Planet of the Owls by Mike Philbin, published by Silverthought Press of New York.
chapter 1: HUMAN, ONE (added 2008/07/15)

Bukkakeworld by Mike Philbin, published by Silverthought Press of New York.
chapter 1: FOUR DAYS UNTIL THE WORST DAY OF YOUR LIFE (added 2008/07/15)