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“Is she breathing sir?” a rushed young aide came running by as my body was carted away to the operating room. The accident had been horrible, the roads were slick with rain, and oh how I wish I hadn’t ...more
chapter 1: Heart Beat (added 2010/03/16)
chapter 2: Broken Hearts, Not Bones (added 2010/03/16)
chapter 3: Burning the Evidence (added 2010/03/18)

Mini Stories from my Percy Jackson and the Olympians Fanfic series, just a whole bunch of very random, what-if, behind-the-scenes, and much more from the story.
chapter 1: All the Broken Pieces: Esme Hailey Black (added 2010/03/13)

Demon's Shard
“It’s not a matter of who is going to stop them. It’s the matter of why. All of these kingdoms are fighting for the power of the ancient Soul Kingdom. We’ve got the four of us.” Aces’s voice came swif ...more
chapter 1: Estellace (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 2: The Flaw (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 3: The Legend of the 36 Dragons (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 4: Trapped (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 5: Trial Day (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 6: Freedom Forest (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 7: Dante's War (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 8: An Attempt For Murder (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 9: Dragon Hunter's League (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 10: Kelly's Mistake (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 11: Escape (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 12: The Scroll (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 13: Revivals, Convictions, and Discovery (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 14: Dragis, Draga, Drago, and Drage (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 15: Back To School (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 16: Toyet's Darkest Secret (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 17: Insecurities (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 18: Finding Kymmi (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 19: Persuasion (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 20: Back To Estellace (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 21: Betrayal (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 22: Aval and Cyrus (added 2010/03/06)
chapter 23: Optical Illusion (added 2010/03/06)

[Book 1] The Rising Tide: Losing Summer
“Cali!” Percy called. The cruel presence lingered with a voice that entered my mind like a midnight storm breeze, only harsher.
“Join me…and the sea will rise…in start of a new world…do not resist…”

chapter 1: My Name Is Cali Sélene Jackson (added 2010/03/07)
chapter 2: I Drench The New Campers (added 2010/05/16)
chapter 3: I Get Some More Enemies (added 2010/03/04)
chapter 4: I Am Dared (added 2010/03/04)
chapter 5: Artemis Comes To Camp (added 2010/03/04)
chapter 6: We Chariot Race (added 2010/03/14)
chapter 7: I Drown For The First Time (added 2010/03/14)
chapter 8: Luke Becomes Inspiration (added 2010/03/13)
chapter 9: The Oracle Invites Me to Burger King (added 2010/03/12)
chapter 10: We Break Into H. O. M. E. S (added 2010/03/15)
chapter 11: Jordan Goes To Hermes Heaven (added 2010/03/15)
chapter 12: A Navy Goes Over The Edge (added 2010/05/17)
chapter 13: Lake "Eerie" Lives Up To Its Name (added 2010/09/01)
chapter 14: Thalia Reports For Duty (added 2010/03/13)
chapter 15: We Cheer the Yankees On (added 2010/05/11)
chapter 16: We See A Dramatic Entrance (added 2010/03/15)
chapter 17: I Learn How to Bull Fight (added 2010/05/15)
chapter 18: We Join In On the Eternal Hunt (added 2010/06/15)
chapter 19: I Realize Why Everybody Hates Orange Jumpsuits (added 2010/09/01)