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Go deeper into yourself and find what this means for you. For me, it is about relationships. About the journey of falling in love, feeling trapped, cheating, and breaking away, divorce, having an affa ...more
chapter 1: Scab (added 2008/05/15)

This poem is personal. You don't have to understand or "get it", but anyone who is a survivor, will hopefully get something out of it.
chapter 1: Crow (added 2008/05/13)

Jill of All Trades
Have you ever found yourself unemployed and asked yourself, "what now?", well, then this is your story, too.
chapter 1: Jill of All Trades: The real reason I hate Fridays (added 2008/05/08)

When I first saw the Light (Capital ME)
A true account of my experience with the Universal Conciousness
chapter 1: Capital ME (added 2008/04/19)

To clear my name and reputation
and explaination of the books I read
chapter 1: An attempt at explaining (added 2008/04/07)

Voyage and Legacy (Voyage Part#2)
A poem and a response poem between a mother and daughter. It's about letting go, saying goodbye, being disowned, wanting to be accepted, wanting to come home after being shunned.
chapter 1: Legacy's Answer (added 2008/05/03)

The Omen of the Broken Cup
This was an attempt at a children's story. I read playing cards and wanted to use this gift in a story. I was told as a child about omens and superstitious things by my Russian Granny and so, this was ...more
chapter 1: The Omen of the Broken Cup (added 2008/03/30)

Screaming Vowels
A poem about being in a mental hospital
chapter 1: Screaming Vowels (Chapter 1) (added 2008/05/08)