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A Shadow's Vision
NaNoWriMo '10

Aubrey Mason doesn't know herself. She doesn't know where to find herself. And she certainly doesn't know what Brendon Wagner wants, or more importantly, why he's alive.

chapter 1: 1 (added 2010/11/03)

Branching out
Reyana- Rey for short- is suddenly being haunted by old memories of her previous life when her little sister Amy shows up in her life. She and her crew, her band of friends, are all what they call ste...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/12/04)

Fourteen year old Aubrey Jones's life is simple. Go to school, gripe about how her life sucks, go home, eat, homework, sleep. Little does she know, she's been infected: bitten by one of the creatures...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/09/14)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2009/09/17)

Random Percy Jackson Scenes
well, every now and then these random little scenes pop up into my head about The characters from Percy Jackson in the future. So instead of letting them swirl around in my head, I'm recording it here...more
chapter 1: Nico's Conversation (added 2009/07/23)
chapter 2: Reconciliation (added 2009/07/24)
chapter 3: Surf's Up!! (added 2009/07/28)

freewriting random stuff
just freewriting. I'll make one a story eventually, if I like it. ;)
chapter 1: freewrite 1 (added 2009/07/13)
chapter 2: freewrite 2 (added 2009/07/13)

((my OTHER PJ fanfic. XD))
its about a girl named Iliana, who is also a half-blood, but she has no idea who who parents are. and yes, i said parents.

based after the percy jackson series. btw, i don't own percy jackson. o.o XD


chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2009/07/07)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2009/07/08)
chapter 3: Chapter 3 (added 2009/07/09)
chapter 4: Chapter 4 (added 2009/07/13)
chapter 5: Chapter 5 (added 2009/07/13)
chapter 6: Chapter 6 (added 2009/07/22)

Percy and Annabeth (fanfic)
this is after the last olympian.
chapter 1: Chapter 1: Second year (added 2009/06/22)
chapter 2: Chapter 2: Phone Call (added 2009/06/10)
chapter 3: Chapter 3: A Visit (added 2009/06/22)
chapter 4: Chapter 4: Urgent Call (added 2009/06/14)
chapter 5: Chapter 5: Departure (added 2009/06/21)
chapter 6: Chapter 6: Arrival (added 2009/07/07)
chapter 7: ((note- not part of story)) (added 2009/07/06)

Violet lives in a large house, large neighborhood, and has everything she needs. Jaiden lives with just his mom, in a run down old apartment. his dad disappeared a long time ago. Violet's dad travels...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1: Violet (added 2009/06/06)
chapter 2: Chapter 2: Jaiden (added 2009/06/06)
chapter 3: Chapter 3: Violet (added 2009/06/08)
chapter 4: Chapter 4: Jaiden (added 2009/06/08)

My life would suck without you
this is a short story of the song, (insert title here) by kelly clarkson for a contest.
chapter 1: o_O (added 2009/04/01)

(title undecided)
a girl named merry meets this new kid named Brendon, but he's a little strange.....
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2009/02/17)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 3: Chapter 2 (added 2009/02/15)
chapter 4: Chapter 3 (added 2009/03/21)

(to be named l8r)
a fan fic of uglies, pretties, specials. Lyss is in both my fan fics.
chapter 1: Unknown (added 2008/11/26)
chapter 2: Found (added 2008/11/21)
chapter 3: Observing (added 2008/11/22)
chapter 4: Identified (added 2009/02/21)
chapter 5: Traveling (added 2009/02/21)

basically a fan fic of extras, the 4th uglies book.
chapter 1: Hidden (added 2008/11/20)

Ariana lives in the future. with hover cars, and all that kinda high tech stuff. the problem is, the world is ruled by an evil tyrant. She starts to have strange dreams...........where she meets a new...more
chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2010/05/05)
chapter 2: Ariana (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 3: Arabella (added 2009/06/14)
chapter 4: Ariana (added 2009/02/07)
chapter 5: Arabella (added 2009/02/07)
chapter 6: Ariana (added 2009/02/07)
chapter 7: Ariana (added 2009/02/06)
chapter 8: Ariana (added 2009/02/08)

My Life, in Poems.
Just A bunch of poems I made. What am I saying? It's not just a bunch of poems, They're MY poems!!! I love poetry! I just had to make these poems!
chapter 1: hiding place (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 2: Sibling (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 3: Ice Skating (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 4: A Guide for Friends.... (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 5: Short Poems (added 2009/02/13)
chapter 6: Randomness (added 2009/02/13)