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And the Hippo?
A short tragicomedy
chapter 1: (added 2010/07/14)

I regret to inform you...
Pre-emptive Letters of Rejection
chapter 1: (added 2010/06/22)

I Am Your Hooker

chapter 1: (added 2010/06/08)


chapter 1: (added 2010/06/04)

Rejection Letters
to McSweeney's Internet Tendency, The Paris Review, Playgirl, The New Yorker, Granta Magazine, Oprah Winfrey, the Nobel Prize
chapter 1: (added 2010/05/28)

The Cord That Binds

chapter 1: (added 2010/04/08)

A Stalker's Prayer

chapter 1: (added 2009/07/03)

Bond said “bitch”…

chapter 1: (added 2009/07/01)


chapter 1: (added 2009/05/22)


chapter 1: (added 2009/04/11)

It is always a joy to encounter kindred spirits, but it is truly delightful and surprising to discover them in one’s own family. My half-brother, Gert de Nooy, is a former naval officer and military s ...more
chapter 1: (added 2009/03/23)

The Donkey and The Dominee
chapter 1: - (added 2009/03/20)

A Fish, a Cowboy and a Geranium Walk into a Bar
Surrealist humour
chapter 1: (added 2009/03/04)

My name is Nicotine
chapter 1: - (added 2009/02/22)

An ode to the glorious intricacies of the human brain.
chapter 1: - (added 2009/04/20)

chapter 1: - (added 2009/01/06)

chapter 1: - (added 2008/12/22)

Grey Matter
chapter 1: - (added 2008/12/19)

chapter 1: - (added 2008/12/19)

A rant
chapter 1: - (added 2008/12/08)

Pressing Matters
With the aid of a USB stick, Vaseline and a trained rat, my dear, deranged friend, Mr. JR Deo, has smuggled his latest update from the Institute for Forensic Observation. Here’s conclusive proof that ...more
chapter 1: WARNING: Possibly unsuitable for heavy metal fans and those uncomfortable with the browner side of life. (added 2008/11/25)

Stains on the Baize
Recent events have not only raised my profile, but also some ghosts from the past. My dear, deranged friend Mr. JR Deo has tracked me down and dispatched his minions to my home, where they left a note ...more
chapter 1: WARNING - Semi-Gratuitous Violence Ahead (added 2008/11/22)

Oil and Sawdust
For my father, who died without telling all, as is the tradition in our family.
chapter 1: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (added 2008/10/20)

Me and Tweety and Dog Man and You
Previously published in GQ Magazine (South Africa), Bunker Hill (Netherlands), Eleven Eleven (CA, USA)
chapter 1: Me and Tweety and Dog Man and You (added 2008/09/27)

Hugh Masekela’s Shy Guitar
Concert Review - Hugh Masekela & Band, Carré Theatre, Amsterdam
chapter 1: (added 2008/05/19)

Gurney Ho!
If Shakespeare wrote for the operating theatre...
chapter 1: To ER is human (added 2008/03/21)

Excerpt - Six Fang Marks and a Tetanus Shot
Here's an excerpt from my first novel. For more info, please visit my author profile.
chapter 1: Amsterdam, 1985 (added 2009/03/16)

Voyage of Rediscovery
I have embarked on a voyage of rediscovery – an explorer roaming a country abandoned twenty years ago. My vessel of choice is South African literature.
chapter 1: Showdown with Stephen Simm (added 2007/09/06)
chapter 2: Dreams that Ride the Reader (added 2007/09/06)
chapter 3: Cruising with Bongani Madondo (added 2007/09/06)
chapter 4: Driven to Act by Mmatshilo Motsei (added 2007/09/08)
chapter 5: Mildly Confused by The Madams (added 2007/10/10)
chapter 6: Eric Miyeni Gets on My Tits (added 2007/10/16)
chapter 7: May I borrow your panga? (added 2007/10/30)