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Don't Answer
My name is Laura Hill, My dream is to work in a place of fashion.He suddenly out of no where get kidnapped and her life change for completely.
chapter 1: A Great Start (added 2012/05/02)
chapter 2: The Meeting (added 2012/05/02)
chapter 3: Tears of Fear (added 2012/05/02)
chapter 4: The Man in the Plastic Bag (added 2012/05/02)
chapter 5: The Unexpected Kills (added 2012/05/02)

Deep in Love
When armando fall in love with the girl that bullied her, they start dating but complications came in the way that make sad moment and lot of drama.
chapter 1: A Happy Childhood (added 2012/04/09)
chapter 2: I Hate High School (added 2012/04/09)
chapter 3: Prom Night Drama (added 2012/04/09)