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Circuits vs. Flesh
When dating two girls, you must be careful. Upon being caught, Zane must explain himself, but his explanation only enrages the two girls. With them both fighting for his affection, he's being pulled e ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2014/11/13)
chapter 2: Spin me Around (added 2014/11/13)
chapter 3: Battles of Difficulty (added 2014/11/13)
chapter 4: Proof of Corruption (added 2014/11/13)
chapter 5: The Chaos at Heart (added 2014/11/13)
chapter 6: Love is Blind and Deaf (added 2014/11/13)
chapter 7: The Darker Flower (added 2014/11/13)

Falling into Madness
A mysterious intruder with emotional issues shows up. Big whup, this happens like every three months. Except this one may or may not be completely and totally homicidal. And unstoppable. And friendly. ...more
chapter 1: That homicidal person I was talking about earlier (added 2013/04/14)

Ninjas vs. Vampires
The narrator is starfur this is a different starfur and this takes place in ninjago.All ninjago and red vs blue and other stuff goes to their right full owners.
chapter 1: Chapter 1: They find out my secret (added 2012/09/08)
chapter 2: Chapter 2: Wonder and questions (added 2012/09/08)
chapter 3: Chapter 3: With the snakes and leaving the ninjas wondering what happened (added 2012/09/08)
chapter 4: Chapter 4: Longing for revenge (added 2012/09/08)
chapter 5: Chapter 5: Shisnos (added 2012/09/08)
chapter 6: Chapter 6: The dream (added 2012/09/08)

Starfur's story
I don't own some of the warriors stuff I'm using but I do own the ones I created it is a bit weird how every thing happen but you will understand soon. Narrator is Starfur, the cats i used from warrio ...more
chapter 1: Prologue how I be came Starpaw and Chapter one how Starpaw joined thunderclan (added 2012/07/01)
chapter 2: how Starpaw found out her destiny (added 2012/07/01)
chapter 3: how Starpaw meets Stonefur (added 2012/06/16)
chapter 4: Starpaw starts to remember (added 2012/07/01)