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My Ideas:)
These are just some ideas I have for stories.
chapter 1: Author's Note (added 2012/04/28)
chapter 2: Outland (added 2012/05/01)
chapter 3: The Painter’s Niece and the Brat’s Boyfriend (added 2012/10/01)
chapter 4: At the Cottage (added 2012/07/03)

What happens when you are stuck with something you dread and the only thing stopping you from refusing it is the survival of your twin?

Or how about when you fall in love and then they end up taking aw

chapter 1: Prologue: Swallow a Loss and Learn a Lesson. (added 2012/06/10)
chapter 2: Dealing with Destiny (added 2012/06/07)
chapter 3: An Unthinkable Thought (added 2012/06/07)
chapter 4: Gifts Affect the Receiver to the Point of Shock (added 2012/06/07)
chapter 5: Even Superheros can be Dazed (added 2012/06/07)
chapter 6: Bluntness Just Makes Information Easier (added 2012/06/07)
chapter 7: Water is a Necessity (added 2012/06/07)
chapter 8: Decisions are Better Made when Thought Through (added 2012/05/17)
chapter 9: Mr. Grouchy Pants wants some Grapes (added 2012/06/08)