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Romance on Fire
What Romance on Fire is About?

Romance on Fire is a special collection of fifty five poems, composed by Samahria Ramsen between the years of 1990 and 2014.

Spiritual in nature, these poems are concepts...more

chapter 1: Invocation of Romance (added 2014/01/13)

A Mother's Love
The love of a mother is not that easy to comprehend. The mother is with us all the time. She is not ever absent. She is the ghost that we cannot ever exorcise. She is our being. She is our temperament...more
chapter 1: The love of a Mother is Not That Easy to Comprehend (added 2008/11/08)

The First in Everything There Is...
The first teacher leaves the most intense lasting impression on us. Our Mothers are usually our first teacher.
chapter 1: Lasting Impression (added 2008/10/29)

A Mother's Wish
Poem by Rabindranath Tagore
Translated by Tulshi Sen

chapter 1: Mother, Where Did I Come From? (added 2008/10/29)

Mother, Where Did I Come From?
A little boy snuggled up to his mother and asked: “Mother, where did I come from? Where did you pick me up from?”
The mother hugged the baby and gave an affectionate smile. Then she said: “You were al...more

Meditations That Changed My Own Life and Opened My Own Heart to Receive the Secrets of Success

chapter 1: 12 Visions of a Mother for Success (added 2008/10/29)

A Life Changing Day With Tulshi Sen
Tulshi Sen Will Show You How to Practice the Real Secret of Success.

In one day, you will learn a simple system of success that will alter the course of your life. And you will be able to practice this...more

chapter 1: Ancient Secrets of Success for Today's World by Tulshi Sen (added 2008/10/29)

Looking for a Mother's Day Gift?
Give Your Mom "A Mother's Wish"
chapter 1: 12 Visions of a Mother for Success (added 2008/10/29)

Mother's Day
Mother's Day Recipe Easy Enough for Dad and the Kids to Treat Mom
chapter 1: Give Your Mom the Best Mother's Day Ever (added 2008/10/29)

Romancing the Stove by Samahria Ramsen
Himalayan Secrets Revealed
chapter 1: You’re In For a Treat (added 2008/10/29)

For Mother’s Day and Every Memorable Day
Give Your Mother, or Your Daughter, or Your Son a Gift of Love

chapter 1: We Are All - a Child of a Mother; We Are All - the Carriers of the Torch of Life (added 2008/10/29)

"A Mother's Wish", 12 Visions of a Mother for Success by Samahria Ramsen

These Visions, Dormant or Awakened, Are in the Heart of Every Mother:
They are the secret wishes of a mother of all cultures and all traditions.
They lay hidden deep in the bosom of the mother's heart a...more

chapter 1: THE UNIVERSE BOWS TO A MOTHER (added 2008/02/26)

Get Your Second Wind, When the Rest of the Workforce is Fading Away
Breath and Sex are the very essence of all things in this manifested universe. Fenugreek helps to strengthen both, the respiratory and reproductive systems. Your friends and folks will want to know yo...more