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The L Chronicles
Stories about my boss.
chapter 1: Outlook signature (added 2011/04/15)
chapter 2: Vietnam (added 2011/04/15)
chapter 3: My Boss' Glasses (added 2011/04/15)
chapter 4: I Am Reassigned (added 2011/08/13)
chapter 5: Misty, L, and Dr.Blank (added 2011/08/13)

Mr. Cole
Loosely based on a true story I heard.
chapter 1: His Life and Death. (added 2010/01/12)

Furry Motorcyle Dude
I have told an abbreviated version of this story somewhere on this website, I think. Still, it's good enough to repeat in long form. Or, longER form. At the time of writing the first installment it's ...more
chapter 1: We Meet (added 2009/01/12)
chapter 2: Maker's & Coke (added 2009/01/12)

My Former, Crazy Landlord
a thread on the hater's club made me think of my old landlord and I was gonna post about her there but realized I had way too much to say for a comment on a group thread. Also realized I want others t ...more
chapter 1: How I Met Her (added 2009/03/21)
chapter 2: Darlene Gets Cancer (added 2009/03/21)
chapter 3: Things Go From Bad To Worse (added 2009/03/21)
chapter 4: Darlene Gets a Girlfriend (added 2009/03/21)
chapter 5: The End of an Era (added 2009/03/21)