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The Tea Ceremony Second draft
Second draft of the tea ceremony
chapter 1: Second draft (added 2012/03/09)

Light Flotilla XI
This is a FanFic taking place in the Battlestar Galactica Universe at the time of the SyFy Channel Web Event 'Blood and Chrome'. Light Flotilla XI is a Colonial Commando team operating from the Hulk C ...more
chapter 1: The Virgo Vestale (added 2012/02/24)

The Tea Ceremony
Captain Cade Faison of the Federation of Democratic Worlds takes a respite from War to visit an old friend.
chapter 1: The Tea Ceremony (added 2012/02/22)

Skykus (Haiku by Sky)
Various Haikus I've recently written. Many are pop culture or Science Fiction Themed.
chapter 1: Skylark's Harks. (added 2012/02/22)
chapter 2: Nature and the Bonsai (added 2012/02/25)