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Dating The Enemy
Lily James leads one of the most feared gangs along with her brother's. Yet the Royals are still on the top. Theses two gangs hate each other more then ever. So when Lily starts to have feelings for t...more
chapter 1: Characters (added 2013/09/07)
chapter 2: Chapter One ~ NOT DONE (added 2013/09/29)

Dating The Enemy
chapter 1: .. (added 2013/08/28)

chapter 1: chapter one not done (added 2012/11/15)

Katy Link is a employee at a small corner café. Her life is simple, boring, and in need of a new job.
chapter 1: 1 - The Lies Begin (added 2014/04/29)

Run and hide.
not done
chapter 1: Not done (added 2012/08/15)

Remember Me.
Every Thing in this book is fiction.

*WARNING: This book has fowl language, violence, sexual activity(descriptive sexual content), please do not be alarmed. Recommended 14 and over*

Carolyn's past was...more

chapter 1: Blank. Black. Blood. (added 2012/09/28)
chapter 2: Chapter One ~ The Fields (added 2013/06/22)
chapter 3: Chapter Two ~ After the Fields (added 2014/06/03)

I Used To Be a Person and Now I'm a Teenager
Abigail Taylor Cheat.

You don't want to get in her way, because she's like a wild animal, and if you get to close, your dead.

Zachary Rodrices.

You think he's the type to let things go. No. He will neve...more