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A Fight Against Boredom
I am an easy target for boredom... so I do random things to strike against it...

Here are poems written in times of boredom. Enjoy?

chapter 1: Jealousy. (added 2008/10/15)

Anne Frank Poetry
Two poetry pieces I had to do for my Language Arts class with the theme of Anne Frank.

chapter 1: An Ode to the Sun. (added 2008/05/19)
chapter 2: A Year in the Life. (added 2008/05/19)

Me = Bored.. :D
chapter 1: MISSING! (added 2008/09/03)
chapter 2: Bad Version of Alliteration... (added 2008/04/28)

My Wacky Dreams
Okay the title basically tells ALL... yes the wacky dreams... that.. I.. dream.. SEE HOW HARD IT IS TO UNDERSTAND?!?! Enjoy? Oh and... NO I don't usually write like this... these short... stories are ...more
chapter 1: Rainy Day! (added 2008/09/03)
chapter 2: A Dream Come True? Part I~ (added 2008/09/03)
chapter 3: A Dream Come True? Part II~ (added 2009/03/16)