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A Falling Star
Short story I'm creating for English. I changed the original plot and decided to type it first on here then just copy and paste it onto word. Weird I know but I hate my word program.
chapter 1: First and Only Chapter. (added 2013/04/27)

Tongue Tied
When you have 5 friends who are guys and you're the only girl life can be fun. Playing Dare, living with each in turn, having a movie star for a father, and a b word for mother. Well, life could be be ...more
chapter 1: Chapter 1~Visiting Home (added 2012/04/09)

Catastrophically Beautiful
I'm Hungry. Will. Never. Eat. Again. Too. Fat. Must. Not. Eat. Cannot. Eat. Ever.
chapter 1: My disease (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 2: First Rain (added 2012/04/09)
chapter 3: Back to the Cut (added 2012/04/18)
chapter 4: A Little Bit Of Adrian (added 2012/06/19)
chapter 5: Not Done Yet...in Construction (added 2012/09/20)

The Big Bad Wolf
All if the earth is being destroyed by the Wolf. Scientists made him, he is only a child. Will he kill the creators or the rest of the world first?
chapter 1: Prolouge~Nitika (added 2012/01/08)
chapter 2: 1000 more people to Kill you are 1. (added 2012/01/08)