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Lost & Found {Final Draft - Incomplete}
Lynn was sent the Lost Acadeny in order to persue her family legacy, through training to become a Guardian. However, she has not only created trouble from the day of her arrival, but has managed to ca ...more
chapter 1: Prologue - A Bedtime Story (added 2014/03/19)
chapter 2: {I}The Castle (added 2014/03/19)
chapter 3: {II} Woops Busted (added 2014/03/30)
chapter 4: {III} Sassy Mouth (added 2014/03/30)
chapter 5: {IV} Grumpy (added 2014/04/10)

Three Braterkins & Me
When your things start to go missing from your bedroom....There is one or more to blame….
Someone capital of aggregating and annoying you until the point of explosion….The dreaded sibling!
In my case it

chapter 1: Greetings Earthlings - About Us (added 2013/05/12)
chapter 2: Entry One - 5/13/2013 (added 2013/05/13)
chapter 3: Entry Two - 5/21/2013 (added 2013/05/22)
chapter 4: NEW JOURNAL LINK (added 2015/07/04)

Little Troublemakers
My last puppy journal was a book full of short stories, in which brought laughter and smiles to those whom took the time to read it. Though Shadow's, my last puppy star, troublemaking days have come t ...more
chapter 1: {Characters} Meet The Pups! (added 2013/05/03)

One of a Kind
Since the beggining of time, the war between good and evil has raged on. Angels and demons have always fought. And when a child of a mortal and a fallen angel is born with unusaul, and powerful abilit ...more
chapter 1: Prologue - Prisoner (added 2013/03/02)
chapter 2: Amber; Escaping (added 2013/03/03)
chapter 3: David; Falling (added 2013/03/07)

Breaking Free
I’m the kind of kid who sits in the back row of the classroom, slumping down in my seat and hoping not to get noticed, praying the teacher wouldn’t call my name to answer his question because then eve ...more
chapter 1: One Mistake (added 2013/02/05)
chapter 2: Ooph (added 2013/02/05)

Hidden Hope
In the end, it was mankind that 'caused the destuction of the world we once knew. Our world was a ticking time bomb, filled with nuclear waste and wars, it would only be a matter of time before it exp ...more
chapter 1: Prologue - Suicide (added 2013/03/30)
chapter 2: Nicky; Memories (added 2013/03/30)
chapter 3: Tyler; For A Drink (added 2013/03/30)
chapter 4: Tyler, Private Person (added 2013/04/04)

Otherkin War
The only memories she had left were ones of violent wars and pleading cries for help. She had lost so much in so little time, she had lost the most important thing; being human. She had nothing to loo ...more
chapter 1: The Dragon (added 2012/08/10)

Jane lost her parents when she was a little girl, having no where else to go she came to live with her grandmother and the orphans her granny took care of. Things never seemed to go her way, and she c ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2012/08/03)

Wolf Wars
A prophecy of descruction and sacerfice has been long forgotten. Darkness has over-come light, and now only two packs remain in the Forest of Ages. One path, and one destiny can save the forest before ...more
chapter 1: Wolf Allegiances (added 2012/07/13)
chapter 2: Prologue (added 2012/07/12)
chapter 3: Evening (added 2012/07/13)
chapter 4: Pup Attack (added 2012/07/13)
chapter 5: Games (Unfinished) (added 2012/07/13)

Lost & Found {Rough Draft - Incomplete}
Lynn was sent to the Lost Academy so that she could train to become part of the next generations of Guardians. But not only has she caused the school trouble from the first day she arrived, but she's ...more
chapter 1: The Castle (added 2013/04/10)
chapter 2: Damn It{Needs Edited} (added 2013/04/17)
chapter 3: Sassy Mouth {Edited} (added 2014/03/08)
chapter 4: Grumpy (added 2012/07/09)
chapter 5: Sword War (added 2012/07/10)
chapter 6: The Hottey (added 2012/07/19)
chapter 7: Dates Arrive (added 2012/07/19)
chapter 8: Night Time (added 2012/07/19)
chapter 9: Another Day (added 2012/07/22)
chapter 10: A Feeling (added 2012/07/22)
chapter 11: News Flash (added 2012/07/22)
chapter 12: Hurting (added 2012/07/23)
chapter 13: Sorrow (added 2012/07/23)
chapter 14: Dressing Up (added 2012/07/27)
chapter 15: Time To Dance (added 2012/07/27)
chapter 16: Twisted (added 2012/07/27)
chapter 17: Sickly Grief (added 2012/07/28)
chapter 18: Action Time (added 2012/07/29)
chapter 19: Detectives (added 2012/07/31)
chapter 20: Investigating (added 2012/10/30)
chapter 21: Hold Your Breathe (added 2012/11/10)
chapter 22: No Promises (added 2012/11/11)
chapter 23: Breaking An Entry (added 2012/11/11)
chapter 24: Rudeness (added 2012/11/12)
chapter 25: Morning Sickness (added 2012/11/12)
chapter 26: Ghost Tide (added 2012/11/13)
chapter 27: Red Bird (added 2012/11/23)
chapter 28: Cornered (added 2012/11/28)
chapter 29: Midnight Stroll (added 2012/12/07)
chapter 30: The Infirmary (added 2013/01/05)
chapter 31: Expelled (added 2013/01/12)
chapter 32: Run Away (added 2013/02/06)
chapter 33: Chill Pill (added 2013/04/06)
chapter 34: Temporary Author's Note (added 2013/04/14)

Royally Arranged
Two royal families have found for thousands of years, for reasons that have never been discovered before. Now, the only way to bring peace is by the arranged marriage of Prince Daniel Storm and Prince ...more
chapter 1: Daniel; Unexpected (added 2012/06/27)

The Shadow Jornal
Shadow is a thirteen week old puppy, with a knack at finding ways to get into more and more trouble. Say hello to the next generation of Marley-And-Me, because this pup has discovered more ways to get ...more
chapter 1: Meet The Stars (added 2013/04/09)
chapter 2: 6-12-2012 (added 2012/06/13)
chapter 3: 6-13-2012 (added 2012/06/14)
chapter 4: 6-14-2012 (added 2012/06/15)
chapter 5: 6-21 -2012 (added 2012/06/22)
chapter 6: 6-30-2012 (added 2012/07/01)
chapter 7: Family (added 2012/07/01)
chapter 8: 7-4-2012 (added 2012/07/04)
chapter 9: 7-13-2012 (added 2012/07/14)
chapter 10: 7-14-2012 (added 2012/07/14)
chapter 11: 8-31-2012 (added 2012/08/31)
chapter 12: 11-14-2012 (added 2012/11/14)
chapter 13: 11/26/2012 (added 2012/11/26)
chapter 14: Tricks And Treats (added 2013/01/12)

The World of a Werewolf(Remake)
Darkness is growing stronger each day.
The last of the White Wolves, is where hope lay.
The Destiny Seeker will arise from within the chosen one.
And bring back all that has been lost within our sun.


chapter 1: Silver Moon (added 2012/05/29)

The Clans Savor
Starclan has chosen a kit from Riverclan to become part of one of the biggest prophecies yet to come. This kit could be the difference between life and death in the four clans.

Okay...yeah I was bored

chapter 1: Clan Cat Allegiances~ (added 2014/08/08)
chapter 2: R - Two new Apprentices (added 2012/05/25)
chapter 3: T - Destined Mates (added 2012/05/25)
chapter 4: M - Twilight (added 2012/05/25)
chapter 5: T - War Zone (added 2013/01/10)
chapter 6: S/T - Loss (added 2013/01/13)
chapter 7: M - The Gathering (added 2013/08/25)

Turkey Love
We were a family once, but that was a long time ago. A time before my father abandoned us for a young broad across the border. Before my mother started spending her days passed out on the couch, and h ...more
chapter 1: My Life (added 2012/05/13)
chapter 2: Work (added 2012/05/13)
chapter 3: Day Light (added 2012/05/13)
chapter 4: Show Time (added 2012/05/14)
chapter 5: School (added 2012/05/14)
chapter 6: Bitter Laughter (added 2013/02/04)
chapter 7: Another Bad Day (added 2013/02/04)

Rouge Draft
The final draft -
http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3... - is about a vampire girl who has no memories. A dragon boy with a temper. A strange elf/fairy guy with blue hair. A human girl with an attut

chapter 1: Dragon Boy (added 2012/06/09)
chapter 2: Cerimony (added 2012/06/09)
chapter 3: Escaping (added 2012/06/10)
chapter 4: Cave Chat (added 2012/06/14)
chapter 5: Little Wolf (added 2012/07/02)
chapter 6: Echoing Voices (added 2012/04/30)
chapter 7: My Memory (added 2012/05/04)
chapter 8: Two Vampires (added 2012/05/05)
chapter 9: Fang Shed (added 2012/05/05)
chapter 10: Heartbeat (added 2012/05/05)
chapter 11: Dropping In (added 2012/05/06)
chapter 12: Bite Back (added 2012/05/17)
chapter 13: Destiny Waits (added 2012/05/11)
chapter 14: Blood Storm (added 2012/05/11)
chapter 15: Prisoner (added 2012/05/12)
chapter 16: Love Hurts (added 2012/05/12)
chapter 17: Broken Soul (added 2012/05/15)
chapter 18: Missing You (added 2012/05/15)
chapter 19: Captured Dragon (added 2012/05/17)
chapter 20: Goat-Man (added 2012/05/26)
chapter 21: Secret Entrance (added 2012/05/26)
chapter 22: Break In (added 2012/05/27)
chapter 23: Troll War (added 2012/05/27)
chapter 24: Set Me Free (added 2012/05/28)
chapter 25: Stranger Danger (added 2012/05/28)
chapter 26: Shattered World (added 2012/05/28)
chapter 27: Good Vamp Gone (added 2012/05/28)
chapter 28: Suprise (added 2012/05/28)
chapter 29: Facts And Lies (added 2012/05/29)

Hunted By Magic
Holly Finn was an orphan child, who for the last three years had spent her life living as a slave to her adopted family. But the day after her sixteenth birthday a new boy-Mathew Brown-showed up at he ...more
chapter 1: I'm A What (added 2012/04/24)
chapter 2: Oops (added 2012/05/06)
chapter 3: Mystery (added 2012/05/06)

Rule The Moonlight
When your wolf is growing out of controle and the night is still raging strong, than the whole world seems to stop in front of your eyes. There's no ontroling what the moon will do to you. You must ch ...more
chapter 1: Locked Away (added 2012/04/21)
chapter 2: Caged (added 2012/05/29)
chapter 3: The Arena (added 2012/05/29)
chapter 4: The Winner (added 2012/05/29)
chapter 5: Alpha (added 2012/05/30)
chapter 6: Too-Sense (added 2013/08/12)

When Night Falls
After June Jone's mother passed away under mysterious circumstances, she was left under the care of her Uncle Roth, and his wicked wife, Sophie. During her stay in Willow Mansion, she is bound to unco ...more
chapter 1: Willow Manstion (added 2013/03/16)
chapter 2: Anna & Shadow (added 2012/04/24)
chapter 3: The Stranger (added 2012/04/24)
chapter 4: Mystery Cat (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 5: Cat Laugh (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 6: There Goese Trouble (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 7: Busted (added 2012/04/14)
chapter 8: Never Learn (added 2012/04/24)
chapter 9: Not A Vampire (added 2012/04/24)
chapter 10: Familiars And Elves (added 2012/04/28)

The World of a Werewolf
We have failed the world and we have failed this fight.
And now you are the last hope to finding the light
If you do not, than the world might loose Sight,
Of everything that will and had always been rig

chapter 1: Full Moon (added 2012/04/16)
chapter 2: SunStar Clearing (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 3: Missing Laura (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 4: Starry Path (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 5: The New Seeker (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 6: They're Here (added 2012/04/11)
chapter 7: Brightningsky's Prophecy (added 2012/04/16)
chapter 8: Waking Up (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 9: Daytime (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 10: Midnight Attack (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 11: Wolf Battle (added 2012/04/13)
chapter 12: Face To Face (added 2012/04/14)
chapter 13: Help Me (added 2012/04/14)
chapter 14: Flaming Soul (added 2012/04/16)
chapter 15: Don't Die (added 2012/04/18)