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Chapter 1 of John's fantasy-thriller mashup novel, RED DRAGON FIVE
chapter 1: Chapter 1: Comrade Anderov (added 2012/11/20)

"Sleeping Beauty"
The first four scenes of John's short story, "Sleeping Beauty."
chapter 1: Scenes 1-4 (added 2012/09/04)

The first three chapters of John's debut novel, STATE OF GRACE.
chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Sons of Frey (Two Weeks before Revelation Day) (added 2012/06/01)
chapter 2: Chapter 2: Shadow Six (Twelve Days before Revelation Day) (added 2012/06/15)
chapter 3: Chapter 3: Thirst for Blood (Eleven Months before Revelation Day) (added 2012/08/24)

The Darkline Protocol
When Wolf Dasher is assigned to find out who is leaking sensitive information to Urland's mortal enemy, Phrygia, he doesn't count on the spy being an innocent victim . . . or that he is the prize in a ...more
chapter 1: The Darkline Protocol (added 2012/01/17)