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Dem Bones' Revenge
When the cops catch mystery writer Tracy Eaton's mom, Hollywood legend Martha Collins, alone with the bloody remains of celebrity litigant Vince Sperry -- holding nothing but a lame excuse -- Tracy le ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/11/22)

Revenge of the Gypsy Queen
Meet Tracy Eaton, the beleaguered daughter of eccentric Hollywood stars. Tracy is no stranger to wacky people, especially within her family. So when her sister-in-law's wedding becomes a three-ring-ci ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/11/22)

High Crimes on the Magical Plane
Imagine the surprise of scam psychic Samantha Brennan—when she encounters the real thing—that’s right: an honest-to-heavens Celtic goddess, hidden beneath the steely exterior of FBI Special Agent Anna ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/11/21)

Revenge for Old Times' Sake

Free-spirited Tracy cheers when her stuffy husband, Drew, loosens up enough to rearrange the nose of his boorish boss, Ian Dragger. But Drew's timing couldn't be worse. When Dragger is found floating

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/11/01)

Magical Alienation
When fake psychic Samantha Brennan heads to Sedona, Arizona, as the spiritual adviser of the aging bad boy of rock, Rand Riker — she never expects to uncover the most shocking secret the government ha ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/11/01)