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Finding A Match
Meet, Georgia, a girl who helps her parents with their job. Surely it's a small family buissness, but it's still Georgias dream job. She doesn't dream of anything else other than caring for her horse ...more
chapter 1: Up And At Em' (added 2012/01/08)
chapter 2: Surprize! (added 2012/01/20)
chapter 3: Surprise, Again. (added 2013/03/10)

Same But Different
Maggie and her friends survive on a secret island. They are thought to be just plain children, but they are different. Their body can somehow transform in different animals. Reseachers are after any ...more
chapter 1: Intoduction (added 2011/12/31)
chapter 2: Another Day (added 2012/01/31)

Lost And Found
Rues life has changed when a barn is affected by a fire. It changes her, causing life to turn for the worst. Messing up school, changing her future, wrecking her future job. No one understands her an ...more
chapter 1: The Last Stall (added 2011/12/21)
chapter 2: Lost Hope (added 2011/12/22)
chapter 3: When You Think It Couldn't Get Worse (added 2011/12/22)
chapter 4: Too Much To Handle (added 2011/12/25)
chapter 5: Golden Lane Stables (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 6: Santo's New Home (added 2012/01/03)
chapter 7: Arrival (added 2012/01/06)
chapter 8: Work For It! (added 2012/01/06)
chapter 9: It's Horsie Time! (added 2012/01/06)
chapter 10: Instuctor Rue (added 2012/01/06)
chapter 11: Skills Don't Deserve It (added 2012/01/06)