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I Miss You
Just a little poem thing I thought of.
chapter 1: I Miss You (added 2014/05/03)

Lunea Aethra Aula
Amelia is the new girl at Lunea Aethra Aula (Moonlight Sunlight Hall). A school for magical creatures, witches, fairies, shape-shifters, etc. When she gets chosen of one for both Lunea and Aethra, and ...more
chapter 1: Car Ride in Hell (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 2: Lunea Aethra Aula (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 3: Beverly Hall (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 4: The Choosing (added 2012/03/18)
chapter 5: History (added 2012/09/10)

Get It Right
This story is about a 12 year old girl named Sylvia. She moves to a whole new country and on her first day of school she meets the love of her life; her teacher! This story goes along with her as the ...more
chapter 1: Sylvia Creamieux (added 2011/10/16)