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Demeter & Xavior--work in progress
something I've tooled around with for years---this is the begining of the editing/rewriting/rebuilding process...
chapter 1: Prologue/Forward (added 2008/07/27)
chapter 2: Synopsis/Exploration (added 2008/07/30)
chapter 3: Communications (added 2008/08/09)
chapter 4: Emily's notes (added 2008/08/09)

Memories--My Version
Piecing together the Puzzle that is
Friendship and Love

chapter 1: I saw You... (added 2008/04/13)
chapter 2: Candice, at first glance (added 2008/04/13)
chapter 3: Tiah, ma soeur, of the Soul (added 2008/06/21)

Ma Mere: An exploration of Grief, Growing up, And the Ties that bind us Together
eventually, the story of my relationship with my mother...
chapter 1: Introduction: “Who I am, Who We are” (added 2008/03/31)

Book Analysis
book club Q's, analysis...deep seated reviews, for the fool hardy.
chapter 1: The Friend Who Got Away--answers to q's in Book Club section (added 2008/02/26)

Prose to Praise Loss, embib Grief, and bring our Your Dead to...
chapter 1: The Wolf (added 2008/02/03)

Of Lovers: For Candice, and Others who Run with Foxes
pieces of prose, inspired by a dreams
chapter 1: In the Begining, there was love... (added 2008/03/09)
chapter 2: "boy/girl, Grrl/Boi" (added 2007/11/22)
chapter 3: Fat Sex (added 2008/04/22)
chapter 4: For Rachel (added 2007/11/22)
chapter 5: Mythic in Her Beauty (added 2007/11/22)
chapter 6: Upon your death (added 2007/11/22)
chapter 7: Blonde Ambition (added 2007/11/22)
chapter 8: Story of a Girl, (added 2007/11/22)