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Beneath the Summer Sun (finished)
Warmth and Happiness
chapter 1: Beneath the Summer Sun (added 2012/03/19)

Candlelight Illusions (finished)
A story for Christmas

chapter 1: Candlelight Illusions (added 2012/01/20)

Cascade of Rain (finished)
A sensation of joy and beauty.
chapter 1: Cascade of Rain (added 2012/01/20)

Falling Snow (finished)
A sensation of pure joy and happiness. Calm.
chapter 1: Falling Snow (added 2012/01/20)

Into the River (finished)
A calming feeling
chapter 1: Into the River (added 2012/01/20)

Under the Moonlight (finished)
a beautiful sensation of peace
chapter 1: Under the Moonlight (added 2012/01/20)