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CS Matinence story
Just needed a place to post this. This is for a contest entry for Chickensmoothie.com and will probably only be up for a few weeks.
chapter 1: Contest Entry (added 2012/07/01)

Um...untitled. It needs one.
This is a crossover between Kuroshitsuji and Godchild, both animes/mangas. So I don't own any of the characters EXCEPT for Andris and Kosetsu. Those characters I did make up.
Also this includes SPOILE...more

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/07/20)
chapter 2: Chapter 1: Oath (added 2011/07/25)
chapter 3: Chapter 2: Corpse (added 2011/07/25)

Voices From the Dust

Stardate 2200. The USS Raven of the Pandorian fleet is cracking down on an illegal black market trade throughout the galaxy. Their investigation leads them to a...more

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/02/08)
chapter 2: Chapter 1 (added 2011/02/08)
chapter 3: Chapter 2 (added 2011/08/22)

Random stories
Just random stories from random places. All of these being fan fiction.
chapter 1: Oneshot-Sharon and Break (added 2011/01/24)
chapter 2: Pandora's Box (added 2011/06/18)

Story of Evil
fan fiction: I do not own any of the characters and somewhat the plot

HOLY CRAP! YOU CAN PUT COVERS UP :D AWESOME! Until I scan my own, this picture is NOT MINE! Just so you know.

A tyrannical queen rul...more

chapter 1: Daughter of Evil Scene 1-Arc 1 (added 2009/11/23)
chapter 2: Daughter of Evil Scene 1-Arc 2 (added 2009/11/25)
chapter 3: Daughter of Evil Scene 1-Arc 3 (added 2009/12/09)
chapter 4: Daughter of Evil Scene 1-Arc 4 (added 2010/02/19)
chapter 5: Daugher of Evil-Scene 1 Arc 5 (added 2010/02/19)
chapter 6: Intermission: Siblings of Sorrow (added 2010/02/19)
chapter 7: Daugher of Evil Scene 2: Arc 1 (added 2010/02/24)
chapter 8: Daughter of Evil Scene 2-Arc 2 (added 2010/06/27)
chapter 9: Daughter of Evil Scene 2-Arc 3 (added 2010/06/27)
chapter 10: Intermission: Prince of Blue (added 2010/06/27)
chapter 11: Servant of Evil Scene 1-Arc 1 (added 2010/10/18)

MRRP: Alice Human Sacrifice
In some place was a little dream.
Who dreamed it, unknown...
Such truly little dream it was.
The little dream thought,
I don't want to be vanishing like this,
how can I make people watch me?
The little drea

chapter 1: Pearl's Dream (added 2009/06/04)
chapter 2: James' Song (added 2009/06/04)
chapter 3: Tamyra's Perfect World (added 2009/06/04)
chapter 4: The Wandering Twins (added 2009/08/07)

Just a collection of poems
chapter 1: Suicide (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 2: Nothing Hears you Scream for Me (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 3: Wilderness Wedding (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 4: Bobby (added 2009/05/16)
chapter 5: Lonesome (added 2009/05/19)
chapter 6: Escape (added 2009/12/04)
chapter 7: Parched Desert (added 2009/12/04)
chapter 8: Blood Rain (added 2009/12/04)
chapter 9: Pride (added 2011/02/28)

Cougar Claw
After seeing her brother die, Whitney wonders what she should feel. Her brother's ghost starts to haunt her and he has an view different from hers.
chapter 1: Prologe: Horrae (added 2008/10/16)
chapter 2: Whitney: Torn (added 2008/10/22)
chapter 3: Glen: Pike (added 2008/10/22)
chapter 4: Whitney: Water (added 2008/10/22)
chapter 5: Glen: Fire (added 2008/11/07)
chapter 6: Glen: Wanderer (added 2009/03/29)