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Moral Revolusion
Morality is decreasing in our world today and this lack or reduction in morality is affecting policies and laws use to govern the world. For us to evolve to the next stage of human evolution we must r ...more

Understanding a Woman's Needs
This story is about the needs of a woman and how each is fulfilled and satisfied.
chapter 1: The Three Basic Needs of a Woman (added 2012/05/26)
chapter 2: Sex, sex and more sex....... (added 2012/06/16)
chapter 3: Marriage; When she want's the I DO. (added 2012/06/17)
chapter 4: God’s Perfect Creation (added 2012/12/02)

Simply Salvation, CONTRADICTIONS
This story is about the fulfillment of all God's will and the plans of His enemies.
chapter 1: The Lamb; The fulfillment (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 2: God; Alfa and Omega, Two in One (added 2011/08/13)
chapter 3: Good or Evil;Which to Choose? (added 2011/09/23)
chapter 4: The Religious Christian super Hero, Jesus (added 2012/03/03)
chapter 5: The greatest deception ever (added 2012/04/06)
chapter 6: Race does not matter; The Righteous Race (added 2012/04/08)