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Part I of a three part series, Nicknames is an exploration of the aftermath of growing up in a world full of secrets. Sisters Claudia and Bernadette (Claude and Bernie) are reeling after the death of ...more
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Whatever happened to Maxwell, Charlie?
Joanna Wesley started out as a quintessential tomboy in a tiny midatlantic town. Now she's a young woman with two secrets: Max and Charlie.
chapter 1: tbc (added 2015/02/15)

Butterfly Scars
"People who haven’t been where we have been truly have no idea what we live with. Some of us are constantly torn between trying to protect and heal ourselves and trying to have some sort of relationsh ...more
chapter 1: TBD (added 2013/04/08)

Pink&Blue: 100 Self Portraits
autobiographical, poetic, color imagery, art
chapter 1: Excerpts from various chapters: (added 2013/03/24)

You don't remember, even though you were there...
a poetic exploration of loss, friendship, and memory.
chapter 1: Excerpt (added 2013/03/24)

Satirical essay. Alena Gracia. 22. Orange County native, jet setter. Follow her on her search for love, and career while she navigates the hipster landscape.
chapter 1: TBD (added 2012/09/21)

Seven (Un)Lucky Years
creative, poetic, autobiographical nonfiction/spiritual conversion memoir
chapter 1: excerpts from Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4 (added 2013/05/09)

the great lights
chapter 1: available at lulu.com (added 2013/03/24)

Ferris Wheel: free admissions
With a well honed wit and the subtle
hint of humour, a. m. trumble takes
you on a ride of the most recent
years of her life, going deeper at
times into her childhood and showing
the forces that have colour

chapter 1: available at lulu.com (added 2013/03/24)