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The Sweetest Sound
A poem, by the curjudgeon's ghost
chapter 1: The Sweetest Sound (added 2014/05/06)

The Gospel of the Curmudgeon
My take on all the twisted things in life, dogs and cats, birds and fish and writers and reviewers and all the "fun" they have been having at each other's (and our) expense.
chapter 1: Genisis 1:1 (added 2013/11/25)

Lessons From My Selfish Heart
Another Poem
chapter 1: Lessons From My Selfish Heart (added 2013/11/24)

Matthew 13
My Response to the latest Goodreads chaos
chapter 1: Matthew 13 (added 2013/09/21)

My Country Right or Wrong, My Country
My thoughts on the day we celebrate the Independence and birth of the United States
chapter 1: Lessons From the Ghosts of 1812 (added 2013/07/04)

fear of being ozymandias
a sloppy poem, by a sloppy poet, a feeble attempt at a mad man's wrent.
chapter 1: fear of being ozymandias (added 2013/05/19)

The day I became the King!
A brief explanation of why this day, 10 March, is known as "Gabi's Special Day." (Daddy Loves you and even when your bad, and Daddy gets mad, he can't think of anyone he'd want as a daughter more than ...more
chapter 1: A Princess Six Years Ago Today (added 2013/03/10)

The Danger of Deconstructing God
My blog/essay on the ongoing argument about the nature of God, Man and Religion and the dangers and risk to others in arguing over the details.
chapter 1: The Danger of Deconstructing God (added 2013/01/25)

Tea for Two - A Very, Very Short Story About Thinking About the Nature of the Universe
Thanks to a documentary called "The Universe Unravelled" I now understand Quantum Theory...I think...probably.
chapter 1: Tea for Two - A Very, Very Short Story About Thinking About the Nature of the Universe and..."Stuff" (added 2013/08/08)

Communication Skills
My take on ten things that might make good guidelines for keeping discussions and book reviews in the realm of civil discourse.
chapter 1: Ten Golden Rules ...Well, they're really more guidelines anyway. (added 2013/08/08)

Never Trust a Leggless Reptile
I was asked, and provided a true story about a home snake invasion. It seemed funny and my mother is always asking us to send family stories (She's the Family Historian) so I put this here to keep it ...more
chapter 1: The Great Serpant Comes! (added 2012/02/01)

Explaining my 5 Star Rating System
This is my explanation of how I rate books or what a rating means from me.
chapter 1: Rating the Hugh-way (added 2012/03/20)