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Don't Let Go
Welcome to the jungle.

Newton high school is the worse school in the state; with gang and knife fights on a regular basis, a school full of teachers who are scared of their students and students who j

chapter 1: Prologue (added 2012/01/27)
chapter 2: 1 (added 2012/01/27)
chapter 3: 2 (added 2012/06/03)

The Best-Friend And The Boyfriend.
Cassie returns to school determine to forget about her summer, about that night with anthoney and stay loyal to her boyfriend. But things can get difficult especially since Anthony is her boyfriends b ...more
chapter 1: First Day Back (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 2: Friends. (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 3: Guilty Party. (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 4: Bad Mornings. (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 5: Monday's Suck. (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 6: Not so Normal Day (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 7: Mother-daughter talk. (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 8: Strong Feelings. (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 9: Dog days are over (added 2011/12/12)
chapter 10: Where is the love people? (added 2011/10/30)
chapter 11: Best Friend did what?! (added 2011/11/11)
chapter 12: We Have a Situation. (added 2011/12/08)
chapter 13: The Aftermath (added 2011/12/29)