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A Walk in Your Shoes
"I often wondered why my life turned out the way it did and why I'm the way I am. I blamed my Mother and Father for a big part of it and I wish I could forgive and start taking responsibility for my o ...more
chapter 1: I Want to Hold Your Hand (added 2012/02/16)

Putty in Your Hands
A woman experiencing a series of unhealthy relationships and her attempts to break the cycle. Is this what happens when you love too much?
chapter 1: The Gift (added 2011/12/28)

Picking up the pieces
Piper is a 27 year old woman who feels her life has become nothing but a dead end. This is about her road to self discovery and an attempt to turn her life around...
chapter 1: Picking up the pieces (added 2012/02/17)
chapter 2: Picking up the pieces, chapter 2 ...the start (added 2012/01/30)

The Bubbling Brew
Mystery. Paranormal. Magic. Paranormal romance.
chapter 1: Shut up, and sit down... (added 2011/11/23)
chapter 2: Your bark is bigger than your bite (added 2014/08/01)
chapter 3: The Witch's Lighthouse (added 2014/10/30)

Dead Fallen by Hillary Piatek
Cailyn Reese is a clairvoyant and an empath who has an uncanny ability of attracting anything out of the ordinary. She learns more about herself and falls into a supernatural mess; many of them. She w ...more
chapter 1: The Suggestion (added 2011/06/01)
chapter 2: Variations to Escape Complications (not finished) (added 2011/06/07)
chapter 3: The Train Ride (added 2011/06/07)
chapter 4: The Arrival (added 2012/02/04)