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The cut scene from Chael's Luck (due to content)
This is a scene in my novel Chael's Luck which is a YA epic fantasy... let's just say I got carried away. lol. This is the non edited version. Don't worry, the new version is definitely more pg. :)
chapter 1: The first time (added 2012/01/03)

This story was inspired by a Facebook status that told me to copy and paste the fact that I woke up in an asylum… and the six people on my profile’s friends list had designated roles. I threw in a co ...more
chapter 1: Stressed (added 2011/09/17)

Kendall and the Bad People
This is a piece that is taken out of a book I am working on at the moment. I don't have a title for the book but it is the second in "The Witteck Chronicles" that I am writing.
chapter 1: Kendall (added 2011/04/28)