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Destiny's Day
Excerpt from IMPERATOR by Philip Katz copyright 2011
chapter 1: Destiny's Day (added 2011/05/01)

Imperator excerpts
Passages from the young adult/ action/ adventure/ historical novel Imperator
chapter 1: Imperator Excerpts (added 2011/04/24)

Imperator; From the Pages of History
Bibliography from IMPERATOR by Philip Katz
chapter 1: Appendix 3 from Imperator (added 2011/04/24)

Bedford’s Record Review Article: Friends, Romans, & Countrymen; srtaight from Katonah.
Newspaper article about Philip Katz and review of his historical/action/adventure novel
chapter 1: "View from the Porch" column by Eve Marx 4/15/11 (added 2011/04/24)

Many say the USA is like the Modern Day Roman Empire, but is it?
A Comparative Essay by Philip Katz
Author of “Imperator”
Copyright 2011

chapter 1: Many Say the USA is Like the Modern Day Roman Empire, but is it? (added 2011/04/24)

Synopsis for IMPERATOR
chapter 1: IMPERATOR Synopsis (added 2011/04/24)

Glossary for the novel IMPERATOR
Glossary of common Latin terms in IMPERATOR
chapter 1: Glossary of common terms used in IMPERATOR (added 2011/04/23)

The Little Girl that Ruled Rome
A short story set in Republican Rome
chapter 1: Short story (added 2011/04/23)

Roman Republican Government in a nutshell
Appendix from Imperator
chapter 1: Appendix 2 in IMPERATOR (added 2011/04/23)