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Part 2 picks up right after part 1. Usual disclaimer- JR Ward owns characters,I don't profit.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2014/01/16)
chapter 2: Chapter 2 (added 2014/02/18)

Changing Moments/Filling in Gaps
Another take on that time alone in V's bedroom from Lover Unleashed. Usual disclaimer - JR Ward owns characters, I don't do this for profit.
chapter 1: Just a brief scene.... (added 2012/09/17)

At The Penthouse - After
I do not own J.R. Ward's characters and do not profit from them. Please be aware that this is a story that dispenses with the ghostly entity interfering with a Vutch HEA. Just a friendly warning so th...more
chapter 1: (complete) (added 2012/07/28)

Requiem and Resurrection
Based on JR Ward's BDB series, not intended for profit
chapter 1: Requiem (added 2013/03/28)
chapter 2: Resurrection (added 2013/03/28)

Vutch and Qhuay
Based on characters from JR Ward's BDB, not intended for profit
chapter 1: Vutch and Qhuay (added 2011/09/15)

Lover Restored
fan fiction bases on JR Ward's BDB, not intended for profit.
chapter 1: Lover Restored (added 2011/09/08)