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This book is based off the song "Iridescent" by Linkin Park

My name is Iridescent, I am 17 years old, and I watched my father die. It changed my life forever. I will find who killed my father. Before h...more

chapter 1: Prolouge (added 2011/12/27)
chapter 2: A New Life... (added 2012/04/05)
chapter 3: Totally, Crazily, Misunderstood... (added 2012/04/05)
chapter 4: Playing In The Snow... (added 2012/02/03)
chapter 5: He's Back... (added 2012/04/03)
chapter 6: To Dream or Not to Dream (added 2012/04/04)
chapter 7: Waffle House, a Hot Brit, and a Battle (added 2012/04/08)

Songs and poems :)
Random song or poems i've written :)
chapter 1: Your Song (Blue Eyes) (added 2011/11/04)
chapter 2: Is that how you treat a friend? (added 2011/11/04)
chapter 3: Gone... (added 2011/11/04)
chapter 4: Never Again... (added 2012/02/08)
chapter 5: The Moon- A Haiku (added 2012/04/03)