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Equilibrium: Slayer's Heart
To protect and serve the balance of the universe . . .

Buffy meets Blade without the butch in this action-packed paranormal romance.
Vampires, demons, a rebellious werecat, and impossible male chauvinis

chapter 1: "A" is for Amy (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 2: To Protect And Serve...Equilibrium (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 3: When It Rains, It Pours (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 4: More Than Meets A Vampire's Eye (added 2011/04/01)

Through Time Indefinite
Siaylah (pronounced See-ay-lah) Valinski is a time traveler with supernatural powers. She's sent on missions by the unseen Powers That Be to protect great, historical figures when events surrounding t ...more
chapter 1: Beautiful Stranger (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 2: Forbidden Fruit is Sweetest (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 3: The Sands of Time (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 4: History In the Making (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 5: Time To Travel (added 2011/04/01)
chapter 6: An Error In Era (added 2011/04/01)