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The Sailor and The Carpenter
Historical Fiction
chapter 1: The World Changes (added 2013/09/30)

Blood in the Meadows
Tens of thousands crowds the streets of the Las Vegas Strip and downtown. They sing and dance to music blaring from the many neon-lit casinos, waiting the arrival of the new year. As the clock ticks d ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/10/11)

Follow the Raven
Sullen clouds hang over Medigar. Lush meadows where faries, elves, gnomes, fauns and centaurs gamboled now lie dull and covered in ash.

Eigan, son of Medoc, contentedly tends his father's sheep. An ev

chapter 1: The Evil Come Seeking (added 2011/10/11)

Waltzing in the Shadows
Johann Strauss. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Straußwirtschaften wine gardens. Beer cellars. The Prater with its huge ferris wheel and hectares of parks and gardens. Imperial palaces. Vienna, a gem on the ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/10/11)

Sonora Symphony
A modern disabled Cherokee warrior seeks to recover his past in order to regain his future.
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/10/11)