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Moaning Myrtle
Just some random fan-fiction on what it might be like when Myrtle was at Hogwarts. Even though she's not a character I like, I thought it might be a bit interesting to imagine what it'd be like...


chapter 1: The First Day (added 2012/07/26)
chapter 2: The Strange Boy (added 2012/07/26)
chapter 3: Olive Hornby (added 2012/08/02)
chapter 4: A Pair of Yellow Eyes (added 2012/08/30)

A Wrong Ending (Fairytale Extinctions #1) Rewrite
Cinderella, she came to the ball, perfectly like our fairytale. But a wonderful fountain in the palace garden got Cindy washed into our modern days, and treated like any other kid these days would be...more
chapter 1: Disappearance (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 2: School...without a prince (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 3: Sleeping Beauty (added 2011/09/02)

Tides (The Little Mermaid #2)
Weveress had melted away. Henalise was captured by Elladora. Sapphire had been held brainwashed as Elladora's messenger, betraying her sister. Elisabelle had been set in Death's path, Lyssa was kept h...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/08/08)
chapter 2: Chapter One ~ Mirthdia (added 2011/08/09)

Seashore (The Little Mermaid #1)
Ariel is tempted to reach her head to see the human's world for herself. She, the little mermaid, must discover a new world.
After all the tales both her father and sisters had told her, she was much...more

chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/06/29)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2011/06/29)
chapter 3: Chapter Three ~ Lyssa (added 2011/07/05)
chapter 4: Chapter Four (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 5: Chapter Five (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 6: Chapter Six ~ Adrienne (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 7: Chapter Seven (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 8: Chapter Eight (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 9: Chapter Nine~Sapphire (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 10: Chapter Ten~Weveress (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 11: Chapter Eleven~Mirthdia (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 12: Chapter Twelve (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen~Henalise (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen~Sapphire (added 2011/08/09)
chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen (added 2011/08/09)
chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen ~ Weveress (added 2011/08/20)

Cinder and Ella
Have you ever thought about Cinderella's life split into two separate lives?

Meet Cinder and Ella, the complete opposites of each other. Until they meet at the heart of the country.

They become friends,...more

So Enchanted
Rapunzel knows that her life is all boring...this and that...and she meets the most annoying visitor of her life. All she has is a crammy, little window cut roughly on the ugliest wall in her doorless...more
chapter 1: An Annoying and Unexpected Visitor (added 2011/06/26)
chapter 2: Twas an annoying nightmare (added 2011/06/26)
chapter 3: Tis an Accident, Bad Memory or Check-before-you-do-it (added 2011/06/16)
chapter 4: So Enchanted (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 5: Once Upon a Time, he never caused any trouble (added 2012/05/18)
chapter 6: Nightmare (added 2012/08/30)

The Fountain of Time (Fairytale Extinctions #3)
When news spread that the city is closing the sewer, it was just impossible to return back to Beauty, Snowy, Sleepy and Cindy's stories. What has brought them to such a terrible ending? When the const...more
chapter 1: A Teaching for Beauty (added 2011/05/24)
chapter 2: Classtime, Advice, and a Extinction Ahead (added 2011/07/11)

Dawn Poems
When the sun rises
chapter 1: Morning Sun (added 2011/05/18)

Seasons Poetry
Poetry written about Seasons
chapter 1: Spring (added 2011/05/17)
chapter 2: Summer (added 2011/05/17)

Fractured Fairytales :)
Have you heard of a Fractured Fairytale? It sounds a bit weird, yet Fractured Fairytales are basically Fairytales that have been changed, yet you still can tell that they have been "Originated" from t...more
chapter 1: Fractured Beauty & the Beast (added 2011/05/15)
chapter 2: Fractured Cinderella (added 2011/09/03)

Snowy and Beauty (Fairytale Extinctions #2)
Cindy and Sleepy have been living happily in the future forgeting about the wrong ending. Yet a nightmare from Arianna the Cyclops has crept into the dreams of Snow White and convinced the poor girl t...more
chapter 1: Arianna (added 2011/07/12)
chapter 2: Snowy (added 2011/05/21)
chapter 3: A New World (added 2011/09/03)

A Wrong Ending (Fairytale Extinctions #1)
PS I wrote this when I was only 8 or 9 so I've gotten way better haha. Just for the fun of it :P Enjoy reading!

Cindy came to the ball as in the story yet got washed into our modern days, wearing jeans...more

chapter 1: Disappearance (added 2011/06/29)
chapter 2: A 21st Century school (added 2011/07/15)
chapter 3: Sleepy (added 2011/08/31)
chapter 4: Extinction is closer (added 2011/05/19)
chapter 5: Arianna the Cyclops (added 2011/03/20)
chapter 6: Tattered and empty. Gray, black and brown. (added 2011/03/23)
chapter 7: Rewrite the story (added 2011/03/24)
chapter 8: The Wrong Ending (added 2011/03/26)