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Moaning Myrtle
Just some random fan-fiction on what it might be like when Myrtle was at Hogwarts. Even though she's not a character I like, I thought it might be a bit interesting to imagine what it'd be like...


chapter 1: The First Day (added 2012/07/26)
chapter 2: The Strange Boy (added 2012/07/26)
chapter 3: Olive Hornby (added 2012/08/02)
chapter 4: A Pair of Yellow Eyes (added 2012/08/30)

A Wrong Ending (Fairytale Extinctions #1) Rewrite
Cinderella, she came to the ball, perfectly like our fairytale. But a wonderful fountain in the palace garden got Cindy washed into our modern days, and treated like any other kid these days would be ...more
chapter 1: Disappearance (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 2: School...without a prince (added 2011/08/30)
chapter 3: Sleeping Beauty (added 2011/09/02)

Tides (The Little Mermaid #2)
Weveress had melted away. Henalise was captured by Elladora. Sapphire had been held brainwashed as Elladora's messenger, betraying her sister. Elisabelle had been set in Death's path, Lyssa was kept h ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2011/08/08)
chapter 2: Chapter One ~ Mirthdia (added 2011/08/09)

Seashore (The Little Mermaid #1)
Ariel is tempted to reach her head to see the human's world for herself. She, the little mermaid, must discover a new world.
After all the tales both her father and sisters had told her, she was much

chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/06/29)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2011/06/29)
chapter 3: Chapter Three ~ Lyssa (added 2011/07/05)
chapter 4: Chapter Four (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 5: Chapter Five (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 6: Chapter Six ~ Adrienne (added 2011/07/06)
chapter 7: Chapter Seven (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 8: Chapter Eight (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 9: Chapter Nine~Sapphire (added 2011/08/04)
chapter 10: Chapter Ten~Weveress (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 11: Chapter Eleven~Mirthdia (added 2011/08/05)
chapter 12: Chapter Twelve (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen~Henalise (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen~Sapphire (added 2011/08/09)
chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen (added 2011/08/09)
chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen ~ Weveress (added 2011/08/20)

So Enchanted
Rapunzel knows that her life is all boring...this and that...and she meets the most annoying visitor of her life. All she has is a crammy, little window cut roughly on the ugliest wall in her doorless ...more
chapter 1: An Annoying and Unexpected Visitor (added 2011/06/26)
chapter 2: Twas an annoying nightmare (added 2011/06/26)
chapter 3: Tis an Accident, Bad Memory or Check-before-you-do-it (added 2011/06/16)
chapter 4: So Enchanted (added 2011/08/06)
chapter 5: Once Upon a Time, he never caused any trouble (added 2012/05/18)
chapter 6: Nightmare (added 2012/08/30)

The Fountain of Time (Fairytale Extinctions #3)
When news spread that the city is closing the sewer, it was just impossible to return back to Beauty, Snowy, Sleepy and Cindy's stories. What has brought them to such a terrible ending? When the const ...more
chapter 1: A Teaching for Beauty (added 2011/05/24)
chapter 2: Classtime, Advice, and a Extinction Ahead (added 2011/07/11)

Dawn Poems
When the sun rises
chapter 1: Morning Sun (added 2011/05/18)

Seasons Poetry
Poetry written about Seasons
chapter 1: Spring (added 2011/05/17)
chapter 2: Summer (added 2011/05/17)

Fractured Fairytales :)
Have you heard of a Fractured Fairytale? It sounds a bit weird, yet Fractured Fairytales are basically Fairytales that have been changed, yet you still can tell that they have been "Originated" from t ...more
chapter 1: Fractured Beauty & the Beast (added 2011/05/15)
chapter 2: Fractured Cinderella (added 2011/09/03)

Snowy and Beauty (Fairytale Extinctions #2)
Cindy and Sleepy have been living happily in the future forgeting about the wrong ending. Yet a nightmare from Arianna the Cyclops has crept into the dreams of Snow White and convinced the poor girl t ...more
chapter 1: Arianna (added 2011/07/12)
chapter 2: Snowy (added 2011/05/21)
chapter 3: A New World (added 2011/09/03)

A Wrong Ending (Fairytale Extinctions #1)
PS I wrote this when I was only 8 or 9 so I've gotten way better haha. Just for the fun of it :P Enjoy reading!

Cindy came to the ball as in the story yet got washed into our modern days, wearing jeans

chapter 1: Disappearance (added 2011/06/29)
chapter 2: A 21st Century school (added 2011/07/15)
chapter 3: Sleepy (added 2011/08/31)
chapter 4: Extinction is closer (added 2011/05/19)
chapter 5: Arianna the Cyclops (added 2011/03/20)
chapter 6: Tattered and empty. Gray, black and brown. (added 2011/03/23)
chapter 7: Rewrite the story (added 2011/03/24)
chapter 8: The Wrong Ending (added 2011/03/26)