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The Luminaries - NaNoWriMo 2013
When a kingdom turns against magic, a war rages between the king and The Coven, a group of elite witches who want equal rights. Best friends Ren and Kat have to face the brutal decision of which side ...more
chapter 1: The Bells - Ren (added 2013/11/09)
chapter 2: The Flames - Katherine (added 2013/11/09)
chapter 3: The Watcher - Ren (added 2013/11/17)
chapter 4: The Nightmare - Katherine (added 2013/11/17)

Wrote this story during to keep my brain occupied during the first week of summer break. :)

3,493 Words

chapter 1: Success (added 2013/06/19)

Die Happy
Nobody wants to die with regrets. Before Camp Amenity was created, elderly people would die without fulfilling their greatest wishes. They would die without the thing they most desired. So, Leonard G. ...more
chapter 1: Goodbye (added 2012/12/28)