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The story of a young women discovering more than she ever planned for in the small antique store...
chapter 1: Elizabeth (added 2011/02/26)

Growing up
The short story about the life of a young woman, faced with decision to move away from home.
chapter 1: Growing up (added 2011/02/19)

Friendship and its "magic".
chapter 1: Friendship (added 2011/02/18)

How to have positive perspective in life.
chapter 1: Positivity (added 2011/02/18)

The art of relaxing
The forgotten need to do "nothing"
chapter 1: The art of relaxing (added 2011/02/18)

Reflections about collage of history,experiences,ideas and people
chapter 1: Collage (added 2011/02/18)

The idea of silence and its reflection in our world.
chapter 1: Silence (added 2011/02/18)

Sticky notes
How one, creative and spontaneous act puts everything in perspective.
chapter 1: sticky notes (added 2011/02/18)

Love doesnt have to have a capital L to feel right.
chapter 1: love (added 2011/02/18)

Just like a dream
Three "written pictures" with one common threat of dream like, unreal feeling.
chapter 1: Just like a dream (added 2011/02/19)